GOP Corp Comm candidates respond to Clean Elections charges but still can’t get their story straight


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Per Evan Wyloge of the Capitol Times on the formal response by the Corporation Commission candidates to the charges of Clean Elections violations:

Miller’s response also states that the campaigns paid for 600 campaign signs on July 12 at a cost of $12,972 or $6,486 for each campaign, even though the expenditure is accounted for in the pair’s campaign finance reports under payments made to Americopy in mid-August. Americopy extended credit to the two campaigns, Miller explained.

That works out to about $22 a sign, a price considered half what should be paid for the quality of signs Doug Forese and Tom Little were putting up all over the state, according to three sign company owners Wyloge spoke with. One of them, Jim Torgeson of Sign King, flat out scoffed “that’s not a real number” about what the candidates paid for their signs. There’s also this problem with their statement (which I have helpfully illustrated):

forese little sign marked

July 11th is before July 12th. So how long were hundreds of signs up all over the state before Forese and Little paid for…er…got credit extended for them?


  1. Nevertheless the AZ Republic article would lead one to believe that there were multiple Forese and Little signs up on July 11, else why would they bother writing that?

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