‘GOP for Fred’ launches

The Fred DuVal campaign issued a press release about the “GOP for Fred” committee which took out an ad in the print edition of The Arizona Republic today.

Fred DuVal Unveils ‘GOP For Fred’

Phoenix, AZ — Business and education leader Fred DuVal, who is running for Arizona governor, today released a full-page ad in the Arizona Republic unveiling ‘GOP For Fred,’ a large list of Republicans endorsing Fred DuVal for governor because of his lifelong record of working with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to solve the problems facing Arizona families.

“The problems we face are bigger than party politics, and we need leaders who will work with anyone to fix them — not just members of their team,” said DuVal. “When I am governor, we will stop fighting and start fixing: restore funding to our children’s schools, revitalize our economy, and bring together Republicans, Independents, and Democrats to move Arizona forward.”

‘GOP For Fred’ is chaired by former Republican Attorney General Grant Woods, Arizona Business Leader Anne Mariucci, Former United States Attorney Paul Charlton, and Phoenix Attorney Susan Charlton. Joining them are more than twenty current and former Republican elected officials, and more than 150 Republicans from across Arizona. In total, more than 180 Republicans have already joined ‘GOP For Fred’ with more joining every day.

A copy of the ad is attached.


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If you’re a Republican and would like to join ‘GOP For Fred,’ please click here! And visit our website — www.Fred2014.com — to learn about why Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are supporting Fred!
-GOP For Fred