GOP Pizza Party: “New” GOP same as the “Old” GOP

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The GOP establishment's National Council for a New America held its first "listening session" last Saturday in a pizza parlor in Alexandria, Virginia. (See earlier post GOP Launches Second Rebranding In a Year) A wealthy D.C. suburb? Not venturing beyond the Beltway bubble? Baby steps, I guess.

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Rep. Eric Cantor (Va.) explained their visions for reviving the GOP.

The leaders received positive feedback from the crowd, which included reporters, Republican aides and their friends, but not many new ideas.

Ed McKee, the owner of Pie-Tanza, invited many of his regular customers, who sat in chairs around Romney, Cantor and Bush. Romney, Cantor, Jeb stump for GOP revival

[W]hile the leaders said they're willing to embrace the thoughts of the concerned voters, a group of conservative activists who were protesting in the parking lot complained that they were not allowed through the doors.

We’re demonstrating against the fact that this organization set up by RINOs [Republicans in Name Only] have taken immigration off the agenda,” said Michael McLaughlin, a member of the American Council for Immigration Reform, a group seeking to stem the flow of immigrants into the country.

The activists grumbled that Republican organizers did not widely advertise the event. Several wearing shirts declaring themselves “Republicans Against Maverick McCain” craned their necks for a glimpse of the senior lawmaker, who did not show up.

The GOP establishment says the "purity police" of Club for Growth conservatives are killing the Republican Party and they sorta proved their point by protesting the GOP establishment's first National Council for a New America listening session.

Bush, Romney and Cantor all downplayed their future political ambitions.

“None of us are here saying we’re the answers, leadership comes from the people,” said Cantor. Romney joked that he and Bush are “two has-beens.”

Well, you at least got that right, Mitt.

On the subject of education, one attendee declared that “people learn more from listening to Rush Limbaugh than they do in high school or college.”

Oh really? De facto RNC Chairman Rush Limbaugh is the inspirational leader of the "New" GOP? Let's take a look at some "lowlights" of what ol' Rushbo had to say about the Supreme Court vacancy created by the retirement of Justice David Souter. Limbaugh Mocks Obama: "We Gotta Get An Illegal Alien On The Supreme Court"

"We gotta get an illegal alien on the Supreme Court."

"We need an illegal immigrant on the Supreme Court."

"We need a teenage single mother, who's gay, is a lesbian, who's dirt poor, African-American, and disabled."

2nd Circuit Appellate Court Judge Sonia "Sotomayor is Puerto Rican, this is going to make the Mexicans and the Cubans angry."

That pretty much sounds like the same ignorant racist and misogynist Rushbo I have heard for the past twenty years. Putting old wine in a new bottle: it's still The same "Old" GOP.

Jeb Bush added insult to injury to the group of conservative protestors in an interview he gave after the event to the Moonie Times Jeb Bush, GOP: Time to leave Reagan behind – Washington Times:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Saturday that it's time for the Republican Party to give up its "nostalgia" for the heyday of the Reagan era and look forward, even if it means stealing the winning strategy deployed by Democrats in the 2008 election.

"You can't beat something with nothing, and the other side has something. I don't like it, but they have it, and we have to be respectful and mindful of that," Mr. Bush said.

* * *

"So our ideas need to be forward looking and relevant. I felt like there was a lot of nostalgia and the good old days in the [Republican] messaging. I mean, its great, but it doesn't draw people toward your cause," Mr. Bush said.

Ruh-Roh, Shaggy. Good thing Jebby Bush didn't say that at the pizza parlor or the conservative protestors would have been apoplectic and clutching their pearls.

NB: Laugh line from Mitt Romney: "We are the party of the revolutionaries, they [Democrats] are the party of the monarchists."

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  1. For your information I did listen to the program. The quotations are to make a point, and are limited by space. Rush does not deserve more than a mere passing criticism.

    Obama has taught constitutional law and worked as an attorney. He knows a damn sight more about constitutional law than Rush or one of his loyal ditto heads.

    I also practice and have taught constitutional law. It is obvious to me from your comments that you have no knowlege of the history of the development of constitutional law or the doctrines of constitutional interpretation. I am not going to provide you with an education here, because it is plain to see that your interest is not to learn but to defend Rush.

    You should at least check out the opinion of Ruth Marcus today in the Washington Post taking apart the phony right-wing “empathy” talking point

  2. You know, CONTEXT is always your friend. Try listening to an entire Rush show, instead of these convenient clips that are taken completely out of context. What Rush was “mocking” was Obama’s very own criteria for picking a Justice.
    Obama said during the campaign:
    “We need somebody who’s got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom,” Obama said. “The empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that’s the criterion by which I’m going to be selecting my judges.”

    And that statement right there tells me that President Obama cares not one iota about the Constitution or the rule of law. What the hell ever happened to “JUSTICE IS BLIND” and “EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW”. The law should be equally applied and interpreted only as it applies to the Constitution of the United States. A Justice of the SCOTUS should never take an individuals “circumstances” into consideration when ruling on the Constitutionality of a law. PERIOD. and if you think otherwise, well then you have no respect for this country and its history. Shame on you, shame on President Obama.

  3. Francine Shacter

    The other thing that thoroughly bemuses me is that everyone – Republicans and Democrats – have completely forgotten how the Republicans treated the Democrats when they were in control of both houses. Sensenbrenner epitomized the behavior when he said “We won, they lost – get over it” and sent John Conyers to a basement room in the Capitol to have a hearing. Then, there are the shenanigans at the passing of the Medicare Prescription bill – check Google, too long to do here – and that is only the tip of the conceitberg (I just coined that word). Now, they want Democrats, who beat them handily, to toady up to them – Yep! mother was right – must be sunspots!

  4. Francine,

    I made that point in a post last week:

    It’s almost like a cartoon:

    “Let me attem, let me attem!”

    “Let you at who, Fido?”

    “I don’t know, but when you tell me the name, I’ll go attem!”

    Just in case anyone thought that Republicans always had other reasons for voting ‘no,’ besides just thinking they always have to vote, ‘no.’

  5. Francine Shacter

    The best line of all is that Senator Sessions (yuk!) will oppose the SCOTUS nominee. Really! They don’t know who it will be but they do know that they will oppose the person. Really, such madness is so hard to explain that I’m sticking with my mother’s comment on really crazy stuff: “Must be sunspots!” She also said that what people do to themselves (read Republican Party), their worst enemies would never consider doing to them!

  6. I like how they made a big deal: “We’re goin’ outside the Beltway Baby!”
    But if you look at where they were on a map, they are indeed still inside the beltway.
    I can’t wait til they bring along Joe the Plumber and that Beauty Pageant contestant.

  7. No surprise Rush did not do his research – he just makes sh*t up – but check out

    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be part of the National Council for a New America, an attempt by leaders in Congress and potential 2012 presidential candidates to rebrand the struggling party.

    “I am pleased to announce that Governor Palin has joined the National Council for a New America’s panel of experts,” said House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (Va.) today. “When NCNA was announced last week, we spoke about a dynamic organization that worked to constantly bring in new people and innovative ideas.”

    Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), who shared the national ticket with Palin, had hinted at Palin’s involvement during a conference call last Thursday announcing the National Council’s formation.

    But, her office had been largely silent in the intervening days and Cantor’s office made clear only that she had been invited to join not that she had accepted.

    Palin’s involvement in the group will help rebut the idea that the National Council is an organ of the establishment wing of the party set up to keep the Palins and Gov. Mark Sanford’s (S.C.) — both of whom are more hardline conservatives — from taking over control of the party.

    — News flash! The hardline conservatives have already taken over control of the party.

  8. Actually, Limbaugh got steamed even at this meeting, and jumped all over Jeb and Mitt (most specifically for not inviting Sarah Palin.)

    And Rush gets the laugh line when he got so apoplectic in criticizing Jeb and Mitt he said that their motivation in not inviting Palin was because they have “presidential perspirations.”