GOP push polls in the field – help us identify them


angry_customerOver the past couple of weeks I have been contacted by several individuals who said that they have received GOP push polls.

One was for Senator McCain (caller ID: Customer Research) attacking Ann Kirkpatrick, another was for Rep. Martha McSally attacking Dr. Matt Heinz (this person did not get the name of the pollster), and another in the Legislative District 2 race with presidential questions thrown in (caller ID was a telemarketer number out of White River, AZ.) There was no “paid for by” legal disclaimer stated in these calls, according to these individuals.

If you have received any of these calls, or similar push poll calls, and you had the presence of mind to stay on the line long enough to get the name of the pollster and to listen for the “paid for by” legal disclaimer, please share your experience and the identity of the pollster(s) in the comments.

I am sure the media is aware this is going on, but they are not reporting it. Maybe your experiences will encourage them to report it.


  1. I got one of the McCain-Ann Kirkpatrick ones. It was portrayed as a presidential survey initially. I listened and participated during the entire thing. There was No paid for statement.

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