[bctt tweet=”One of the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate, James Lamon, is one of the #ArizonaEleven who signed his name to the fake Certificate of the Votes of the 2020 Electors from Arizona.” username=”BlogForArizona”]

Consequently, it is quite possible that he is currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, or others, for a criminal scheme to defraud the United States Government. He has the temerity and contempt for Arizona’s voters to ask them to elect him as a Member of the Senate after he signed his name to a document seeking to defraud those same voters of the right to elect the President of their choice.


Here’s a screencap of the document, showing Lamon’s name and signature, which is embedded in full at the end of this post.

In a few of the states from which the GOP proffered fake elector certificates, they legally hedged by not actually claiming that they were the “duly elected” Presidential electors of that state, which might complicate any prosecution for fraud. Arizona was NOT one of those states.

In the Arizona document, the signatories flatly claim to the legitimate electors of Arizona:

The signatories claim to be the “duly elected” Presidential electors of Arizona.

Every journalist in the state of Arizona should be asking Jim Lamon to explain and justify any participation in this scheme, and nothing else. Nothing else about his campaign is relevant if he attempted to defraud Arizona’s voters and the government of the United States he seeks to join.

The Arizona Attorney General could also be conducting a criminal investigation of this matter. Given AZAG Brnovich’s corruption and cowardice, it seems unlikely, but Lamon is a political rival for the next office Brnovich seeks, so maybe he’s conveniently screwed his courage to the sticking point to investigate this particular instance of electoral fraud and rat-fuckery by his own political party. He should be asked, incessantly, whether he is conducting a criminal investigation of his political rival, and whether that is appropriate, given his own clear conflict of interest. If there is a state crime involved, presumably forgery and/or fraud, and the AZAG office has a conflict, I think the normal thing would be for the County Attorney’s office with jurisdiction would step in. As this document claims the attestation occurred in Phoenix, that would be Alister Adel. She should also be asked if she is investigating this matter. And, if not, why not? It appears a crime has occurred in her jurisdiction.

If additional evidence of intent to defraud by these 11 signatories were needed, it would seem to be amply demonstrated by the #ArizonaEleven joining a Texas lawsuit seeking to empower Vice President Pence to accept their fraudulent certification.

Finally, there are a few other signatories to this fraudulent document that readers might easily recognize, including: Jake Hoffman (a sitting Arizona Representative who is right now voting on election laws), Anthony Kern (currently running for an Arizona Senate seat), Dr. Kelly Ward (the Chairperson of the AZGOP) and her husband, Dr. Michael Ward, Greg Stafsten (the COO of the AZGOP), Tyler Boyer (the COO of Turning Point USA), and Nancy Cottle (a member of the AZGOP Executive Committee).

Here’s the document (it is the first of the attached elector certificate):