GOTV Rally for National Voter Registration Day


The Arizona Democratic Party will host a GOTV & Volunteer Event to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month and Celebrate Voter Registration Day with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Tuesday, Sept. 23rd at 12:00 p.m. Please join us Tuesday, Sept. 25th at noon for a rally in recognition of National Voter Registration Day (RSVP).



  1. “…these people”…

    As opposed to Old, White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants,
    “Me First and Only” transplanted retirees and dime store cowboys.
    A coalition of racists desperately attempting to hold onto control of Arizona.

    • Oh, my poor William…I realize you have a strange fascination with me that I don’t quite fathom, but such a weak and sad little response to my inquiry? Because we are such good friends, I will answer you even though the answer is self evident. The term “…these people…” refers to the people you are registering to vote, whomever they may be. The fact you assume it has something to do with racism or class means you assume I am white. I am curious how you arrived at that conclusion. Would you be so kind as to share your thought processes on this?

      • Stevie M’Boy:

        This will be my last “direct” retort to your inane ramblings.
        Too bad that you’re so bored with your tiny retirement life.
        Nothing else to do after such an “illustrious” career, huh?
        A legend in your own mind.

        Your weird observations indicate that you’re a small man.
        Oh geez, there I go again – assuming that you are a man!
        You could be a Lesbian, I guess.

        Your assumptions about me are a hoot.
        All wrong, as wrong as the tea-bagger drivel you post here.

        I only attack those who attack what I value.
        You attack what I value, thus, you are my enemy.
        I do not entertain enemies.
        I rid myself of them, however that may be accomplished.

        My responses have caused you to confess to your purpose and intent on this forum. And have identified what and who you are.

        Keep that in mind, chump.

        • Ha! Ha! Ha! Good effort at trying to find a dignified way to extricate yourself from exchanges where you always come out looking silly. “…last direct retort…”, indeed! We will see, William.

          We’re not enemies, William…far from it. We are friends. You know you like me. I provide you with the best of entertainment both in reading my posts and in responding to them. I picture you sitting there, sweat forming on your brow, feverishly pounding on your keyboard trying to come up with the cleverest insults you can think of; and all of that joy and pleasure comes from knowing me.

          Sadly, I have to take this away from you: you didn’t expose me for anything. From my very first message, it was clear I was a partisan troll. I have been called that numerous times here and I take no offense from it because that is what I am. The people on this forum are nice enough to tolerate me and sometimes even exchange comments with me. So your “AH-HAH!!!” moment had more of a “ho-hum” quality to it. Sorry!

          Talk to you later! Toodle-oo!

  2. How effective are these rallies? If you are having to push these people to register are you also planning on driving them to the polls on election day?

    • For your information, in the past I have provided transportation for voters to the polls. Now we focus on PEVL and early voting.

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