The Republican’s poster boy for anti-Critical Race Theory fear mongering in K-12 classrooms in 2021, Glenn Youngkin, who was elected governor of Virginia based upon this “white fright-white identity” campaign (Terry McAuliffe also ran a bad campaign, so that helped), is now imagining himself as a presidential contender in 2024 – if “Cheetoh Mussolini” decides not to run or is otherwise indicted for a long list of crimes, not the least of which is inciting a seditious insurrection against hte U.S. government on January 6, 2021.

Glenn Youngkin, according to media villagers who engage in both-siderism, is supposedly a “moderate” Republican. Are you fucking kidding me? His anti-Critical Race Theory fear mongering was pure race-baiting politics, he ran a “white fright-white identity” campaign. He is a “moderate” only in the sense that all Republican candidates today run “white fright-white identity” campaigns. That’s a “median,” not a moderate.

In order to have any appeal to the MAGA/QAnon crazy base in 2024 that he and Gov. Ron “DeathSantis” of Florida, and insurection leader Sen. Ted “Cancún” Cruz, among other lowlifes he will have to compete against in a GQP primary, this media villager-labeled “moderate” is now going full-MAGA/QAnon. The media villagers will claim that he is lending his “moderate” respectability to these extremist MAGA/QAnon candidates. As if. They are all cut from the same cloth.

Politico reports, Youngkin to hold Arizona events supporting Lake:

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is expected to stump for Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake next month, escalating his midterm campaign efforts ahead of a prospective 2024 presidential bid.

Youngkin is embarking on the Arizona trip as part of a broader nationwide campaign tour to bolster Republican candidates for governor. In recent weeks, he has traveled to Nevada — an early state on the 2024 GOP nominating calendar — and to Michigan, where Republicans are looking to unseat Democratic incumbents. Youngkin is headed to Kansas later this week.

But Lake will be the highest-profile, most MAGA-aligned candidate Youngkin has campaigned for to date. She has embraced Trump’s false claim the 2020 election was stolen, railed against Covid vaccine mandates and turned the media into a punching bag. Polls have shown her in a tight race with Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, in a state that was narrowly won by President Joe Biden.

Youngkin is expected to hold political and fundraising events for Lake. As in other trips, he is likely to focus heavily on education policy — an issue he made a centerpiece of his upset 2021 win in Virginia’s race, where he made inroads with suburban voters who had turned against the Republican Party during former President Donald Trump’s administration.

In a statement, Youngkin praised Arizona’s termed-out chief executive, Doug Ducey, and said the state “deserves another Republican governor.”

That just cost you MAGA/QAnon crazy base support in Arizona, dumbass. They hate Ducey. And little Dougie also has fantasies about running for president in 2024, so Youngkin coming to his Arizona home turf is likely seen as a hostile move (he would be right). Unless little Dougie just wants the VP nomination. In that case, he is competing with the “new and improved” even crazier version of Sarah Palin, Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota. Little Dougie does have the advantage of being the property of the “Kochtopus” and all  of their corporate money that comes with it.

While Lake has appealed aggressively to Trump’s conservative backers, she has begun to make inroads with more mainstream Republican figures in her state. [GQP tribalism.] Arizona GOP mega-donor Jim Click, an automobile dealer who for years has bankrolled top Republicans, played a key role in encouraging Youngkin to back Lake. In an interview, Click said he recently met with Lake in his office along with roughly a dozen other Arizona Republicans, and he said that the group came away thinking highly of her.

“We were very impressed,” said Click, who backed Lake’s opponent in the primary. He added: “I think she’s going to do very well, I think she’s going to help us down-ballot.”

Let’s be clear: Mega donor (bundler) Jim Click has raised millions of dollars to subvert our democracy and to support the Devil himself for office. This man has been a blight on Arizona and the nation. Oh spare me how he also donates to charitable organizations that do good work. This is what rich people do to try to get themselves right with God, as if they can buy their way into heaven. Forget it Click, you “deserve” an express ticket to hell for all the damage you have done to this country.

Click, who was part of former President George W. Bush’s fundraising network, lavished praise on Youngkin and said he would be a “good candidate,” though he added that it was too early to say who he might get behind in 2024.

Click would be 80 years old in 2024, if he makes it. Haven’t we had enough of old, rich white guys fucking up this country with their money like Jim Click and Charles Koch?

Youngkin has taken a series of steps to bolster his profile in recent months, launching a pair of PACs that can fund his political activities and appearing at conservative events held by the American Enterprise Institute and Susan B. Anthony List, a group that opposes abortion.

The Virginia governor has joined another Republican governor, Florida’s Ron DeSantis, in drawing speculation about the 2024 presidential race while on the midterm campaign trail. DeSantis is also embarking on a nationwide blitz, including traveling to Arizona last month to campaign for Lake.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes did a piece on Glenn Youngkin going full-MAGA with”Krazy Kari” Lake.