Gov. Jan Brewer says to compromise on new tax revenue to avoid sequester

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

First it was Sen. John McCain who said he was open to new tax revenues to avoid sequester spending cuts to the Department of Defense, and now it is Governor Jan Brewer — gasp! — Arizona teabaggers are clutching their pearls in horror. Tea Party Governor Calls For GOP To Compromise On Taxes To Avert Sequester Cuts:

On CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday morning, Tea Party favorite Gov. Jan
Brewer (R-AZ) said Republicans should compromise on tax increases rather
than let the budget cuts stand:

MAJOR GARRETT (HOST): Is it a greater danger for you to
deal with these cuts or would it be a greater danger to the economy for
the Republicans to give in on raising taxes? Which would you like to

BREWER: You don’t give me very good choices…As a governor from a
western state, it is difficult for me to be honest and say ok, I know
all the answers, because I don’t have all the inside baseball games, and
for me to sit here and say I know every detail of what they’re dealing
with there…

We don’t like taxes. We don’t like increase in
taxes. But we know we have to be pragmatic. We know there has to be some
kind of compromise, but dang it, they need to get the job done.
they don’t need to leave the public out their hanging.

MAJOR GARRETT: "Sounds like a qualified yes."

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