Republicans in both Arizona and Washington D.C. really have no stomach for governing with the other leading party.

That would require a good faith effort and a recognition that your side is not going to get everything it wants.


The evidence for that.

Both groups do not want to produce serious budgets and negotiate with their Democratic governing partners.

In D.C., House Republicans have yet to provide specifics on what they would like to cut in order to raise the debt ceiling. This is probably because they know the voters, including many in the districts that also supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020, would not stomach the spending reductions they are proposing.

In Arizona, Legislative Republicans, in their opening bid in what is likely to be a long and politically drawn-out process, passed their version of the FY 2024 budget out of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Their rather juvenile attempt at fiscal stewardship is little more than a rehashing of the 2023 FY Budget.

Everyone in the world of political reality knows that the Republican budget will never see the light of day in July 2023 or Governor Hobb’s signature on it for that matter.

After the passage of the budget in the State Senate Appropriations Committee, Governor Hobbs and the Senate and House Democratic leaders Raquel Teran and Andres Cano released statements, decrying the Republican’s unserious attempts at governing and immature unwillingness to negotiate in good faith, posting on social media:

The other leading Democratic leaders also chimed in.

Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Mitzi Epstein posted:

Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Lea Alston posted:

In another posting, the reader can see Senator Alston, at the vote at the Senate Appropriations Hearing, calling the Republican budget “phony, an opportunity to tell the governor that we don’t want to work with you…It’s irresponsible…that’s not the way we need to do business… I think we need to fairly and openly negotiate with the Governor and the Democrats…This is a Ducey budget. It’s just a power grab and a signal that you don’t want to work with Democrats, you don’t want to work with the Governor.”

The sooner Republicans grow up and realize that they need to negotiate with Governor Hobbs and the Democrats in the Legislature on the budget, the better it will be for Arizona and its people.