Governor Hobbs Vetoes More than 53 Bad Republican Bills

AZ Representative Chirs Mathis (D-LD18). Visit Chris Mathis for Arizona.

“Our GOP-led Legislature wasted no time this session introducing a seemingly endless number of outstandingly bad bills,” said AZ Rep. Chris Mathis (D-LD18). “Luckily, we have Democrats in the House and Senate working day-in and day-out to fight the Phoenix Republicans and block many of these efforts.”

“And, since taking office in January, Governor Katie Hobbs has done a phenomenal job standing up for everyday Arizonans and vetoing bad bills after bad bills (after bad bills) that did manage to make it through the legislative process on party-line votes,” Mathis said.

Governor Hobbs has vetoed more than 53 of these bills so far this session. Here are just a few of the best vetoes of 2024:

[VETOED!]  SB 1151 – would have allowed teachers to post the Ten Commandments in classrooms – a move so extreme that even some Republicans questioned its self-evident violation of the First Amendment.

“It is unnecessary and unconstitutional,” said Hobbs. 

[VETOED!]  SB 1299 – from fake elector Anthony Kern, who didn’t want tyrannical big government preventing him from making a right turn on red, even if it’s unsafe for motorists or dangerous to others.

“This bill is unnecessary and redundant,” wrote Gov. Hobbs. 

[VETOED!]  SB 1182 – would have permitted lawsuits against schools if trans students use locker room showers.

“As I have said time and time again, I will not sign legislation that attacks Arizonans,” Hobbs wrote in her veto letter.

[VETOED!]  HB 2843 – would have expanded the “castle doctrine” to make it OK for ranchers to shoot and kill migrants anywhere on their property.

“This proposal would alter traditional laws on self-defense to allow the unnecessary use of deadly force and further embolden a culture of armed vigilantism and violence with impunity,” said Gov. Hobbs.

[VETOED!]  SB 1097 – a bill that would have transformed school board races into partisan slugfest.

“Partisan politics do not belong in Arizona’s schools,” wrote Hobbs.

“We’re grateful every day for Governor Hobbs, who has swiftly met any effort to strip Arizonans of our rights with the power of her veto pen.  Now, it’s our turn to get some work done. This November, we have a prime opportunity to flip the Arizona Legislature by voting for Democratic champions like Chris Mathis and his colleagues.

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3 thoughts on “Governor Hobbs Vetoes More than 53 Bad Republican Bills”

    • A terrible budget. Your gang wouldnt give an inch on vouchers for the rich, including purchases you would roast Mesa or Tucson districts for. Funny for all the nonsense the one vote majority put on the ballot, vouchers wasn’t one of them. Why, John, why? Plus the terrible flat (head) tax passed previously that no one but Stve Forbes’ ghost was calling for, certainly it didnt effect economic development one bit. But take money away from finding alternatives to unlimited rural ground water pumping THAT does effect economic development, we did that to help fund vouchers. Terrible all around. Shame on Hobbs for agreeing to all this nonsense. But your gang would have surely blugeoned her if you forced a state government shut down to defend vouchers. Massive hypocrisy.

  1. Its embarassing, Kavanagh comes on this site pontificating about polling, but he never tries to justify his obsessive positions, especially on bathrooms. The most obscene tactic of his gang, has been, instead of trying to compromise with the Governor, find common ground, especially with only a one vote majority, his party overloads the ballot with every fantasy Hobbs would veto. This goes even to trying to overthrow judicial retention elections. Tellingly, the biggest elephant in the legislature, vouchers, Kavanagh wouldn’t dare put on the ballot. These tactics smell like the Putin and Xi, School of elections, stack the deck. You can bet if the Democrats were doing this, the screaming could be heard around the world. Just once Kavanagh should try to justify this nonsense here.


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