The United Republican Green Valley & Sahuarita (URGVS) has announced it will hold an election denial “community council meeting” on Tuesday.

Ringleader Yale Wishnick is calling for, “a unified education, organizing, and mobilizing campaign to support President Trump and his fight to expose the election fraud by Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.”


Wishnick is so far right that he attacked the Republican Party for being “a significant disappointment in their support of the President. Republicans should be taking the lead at every level to expose the election fraud being perpetrated on the American people by Biden and the Democrats.”

“URGVS is contacting every member of Arizona republican legislature, all state republican chairs, and members of the Republican national committee to mobilize an army of Republicans in support of the President,” he says.

Yale Wishnick

Yale Wishnick

Virulently anti-abortion

Wishnick, age 72, of Arivaca, has voted for Republicans since at least 2014. After he moved to Arizona from California, he started a now-defunct pet charity in 2013. He helped organize picketing of IRS offices to shut it down, and staged a mock ‘funeral’ for Democratic policies in August 2020, despite objections from local residents.

The URGVS is a virulently anti-abortion crowd that fears Antifa and opposes the Black Lives Matter “Communist Front.” Online postings show it is a far-right Trumper group. It calls for an end of highly popular mail-in ballots and calls for a vote-suppressing Voter ID requirement.

Wishnick wrote on his Facebook page on Nov. 13, “Let’s see we have an election of illegal activities everywhere. Mail-ballot clearly a violation of the intent of Constitution — same-day voting — no ID – anyone can vote without a verification – dead people voting – bags of ballots found in a car trunk – and on and on and this idiot writes about the St Leg appointing electors — give me a break — End the Democrat Socialist Racist Party.”

He also calls KOLD “Fake NEWS” and questions why the US flag and the Mexican flag fly at the same height at the Tucson International Airport.

“Republicans are cutting their own throat if they don’t expose the mail-in ballot sham. If Republicans don’t end Mail-In Ballots, there will always be corruption in our election system. Going on talk shows is not enough, and if we don’t draw a line in the sand now, we will have lost all credibility if and when the GOP decides to challenge the vote-by-mail system in the future,” Wishnick said.

The “election sham” meeting will include an update on its election integrity plan of action, the Trump elector slate, and a discussion about electoral college day and inaugural day events.

And so with one single event, the Green Valley and Sahuarita GOP has turned itself into a sad, irrelevant fringe group.