Gregoire Follows Janet’s Lead, Sends Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez $50 Million Bill


Link: Gregoire sends Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez $50 million bill.

Wahington Governor Christine Gregoire followed Janet’s example in holding the Federal government accountable for its promise to reimburse states for the cost of housing criminals who are also NAFTA refugees in state prisons.

Next up: Arnie has also promised to take action on this issue. He has yet to send Gonzales a bill, but if he does, it will be a whopper. California spends an estimated $750 million a year housing criminals who are NAFTA refugees.

If every state governor would start sending a bill to the Justice Deparment every year, how long will it be before the Federal government stopped transferring this cost to state taxpayers? Don’t look for many GOP governors to follow Janet’s example, however, they just don’t have the cojones.

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