Gun Appreciation Day — Don’t Laugh It Off


Posted by Bob Lord

David Safier posted earlier about Gun Appreciation Day. It is kind of hilarious, but David subtly warned us to pay attention. I'll be more blunt. If this were a sane, rational country not in decline, Gun Appreciation Day would be something to laugh about and nothing more. Which is to say if sane people don't have their heads up their collective butts, they'll take this very seriously.

Most lobbies win with money. That's certainly true of Big Oil and Big Pharma. Many cite the financial resources of the NRA to argue that the gun lobby wins with money as well. I disagree. Yes, the NRA has money, but the gun lobby's power lies in its intensity. And it's actually not the NRA that wields that power, but more extreme organizations like Gun Owners of America. Gun Appreciation Day by all appearances will be a demonstration of that intensity. It won't be pretty, but it will make many in Congress pause.

Do you remember when we laughed at the "teabaggers" (originally the name they gave themselves) in 2009? There they were, these idiots who stuck teabags on their straw hats and claimed they were "taxed enough already," even though they were paying taxes at the lowest rate they'd paid in their lives. And it was so visibly a concocted "movement" financed by the Koch brothers and their ilk. 

So what did progressives do? We laughed. What should we have done? We should have gotten our collective asses out in the streets in numbers five times those of the teabaggers. Had we done so, things would have worked out much differently, IMHO.

This is tea party, take 2. The gun nuts will be out in full force on the 19th. If we who see America's insane attachment to guns are not out in full force shortly thereafter, all those eminently sensible measures we need enacted to address this craziness will languish in Congress and state legislatures forever. Bet on it.