Gun worshipers and fetishists rally at the Capitol


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

False IdolsAs if to make my point for me, the gun worshipers and fetishists are using the Sabath to worship their false idol, the gun, at the Arizona Capitol today with a "Stand Your Ground" rally — because being purposefully confrontational and insensitive (MLK weekend? Really?) is part of their religious dogma — sponsored by Gun Rights Across America.

Yeah, you see that's just the problem. Guns have rights in Arizona superior to the private property rights of individuals, and gun worship is the official state-sanctioned idolatrous religion of Arizona. We even have an official state gun (holy relic icon). Guns are not threatened in Arizona, people are.

Check out this paranoid conspiracy theory-laced rant for the rally, Website:

Gun Rights Across America is hosting the Second Guns Across America Nationwide Rally to say, “Stand Your Ground!”

With corruption at every corner and our Second Amendment Rights being trampled on, GRAA asks you to come out, bring your family, signs and your unwavering American Pride and peacefully assemble. Our own ability to defend ourselves from a tyrannical Government, and from those that wish to do us harm is being threatened now. We are not criminals, we are law abiding American citizens! We are mothers, fathers, soldiers, veterans and your every day man, woman and child. We walk among you every day. We will no longer let the misinformed and uninformed classify us into a genre that is not ours.

We are American. We are protectors of the Second Amendment, we are the majority and we will Stand Our Ground! We also know that like many of us, a majority of you will be attending church on Sunday morning. Please note this is why the event is scheduled to start at High noon and run for at least 2 hours.

How does your "unwavering American Pride" square with what you see as a "tyrannical government" that "wish[es] to do us harm"? A government "with corruption at every corner"? It sounds to me as if you hate your government. More like "Second Amendment remedies" for insurrection and rebellion, not "American Pride."

How can anyone assert with a straight face that gun rights are "being trampled on" in Arizona? Seriously?

And "we are the majority"?

I hate to break it you guys, but the number of households with guns has been steadily declining for years — it's just that the gun worshipers and fetishists have been stockpiling firearms and ammunition for the coming zombie apocalypse, or the black helicopters of the "guvmint' comin' to take their guns, or whatever the conspiracy theory du jour is.


The "majority" of Americans support reasonable and sensible safety regulations for gun ownership. They do not support the absolutist "no regulations of any kind" approach of the gun worshipers and fetishist.


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Attending church? This "Stand Your Ground" rally is your church service. Don't speak to me of your "Christian values" (sic) when you worship a false idol.

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  1. So you think some nut like the guy below should not have to go through a background check? Because he sounds completely deranged to me. He shouldn’t be walking around with a gun.

  2. On this planet we have so many retarded , confused , uninformed , brainwashed people ; these people for some strange reasons are not able to think and reason ; these people don`t understand the meaning of Freedom , these people do not know that we do not work for the government , but it is the contrary , these people never seen the Constitution of the U.S.; forget reading the 26 pages of the Law of the Land . Who is this AzBlueMeanie ??? A wasted brain on serious drugs ; abuser and consumer of Drugs that make him speak like a satanic evil kiss ass to socialist pervert soros and company . Suck it up satanic AzBlueMeanie , you belong in the 3rd circle of hell ,upside down in the magma , trumpeting from your tail .

  3. Uhm I hate to break it to you, but gun ownership has been increasing. The poles you see are from cold calls to homes, personally if someone asks me if I am gun owner my response is pound salt. It is not their right to know.
    We do know NICS checks have broken all records since 2008. A large percentage of all sales are new gun owners.These are numbers you can not refute as they are easy enough to see. They are young millennials, not old folks. 25% of those new gun owners are women.
    What you fail to seem to understand is the devil is in the details. The laws we are fighting are neither sensible or reasonable. They may seem that way to you, but you clearly haven’t read them all the way through. We do not have a fetish, nor are we delusional sir. You use of name calling clearly shows you have the inability to defend your stance, or engage in civil discourse on the issue. I for one do.

  4. I see no conflict in gun fetishists’ belief that guns and Christianity go together because their new message is that Jesus was armed with an assault rifle. I’ve even see pics like this on Facebook and on blogs. It’s nuts, but somehow they manage to live with their cognitive dissonance on this issue.

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