Happy Non-Denominational Holiday Celebration

By Michael Bryan


No matter what your beliefs, Christmas in America is a time for being with loved-ones and sharing the good things in life with friends, family, and even strangers. Despite the commercialism and crass marketing of the season, it is one of the few times in American life when we are encouraged to love our fellow humans and be generous to those less fortunate – to embrace the "spirit of Christmas".

If only that spirit were not confined to a few days a year, our country would be a kinder, more community-spirited society. Enjoy your holiday, and try to hang on to some of that Christ-like spirit in your daily life.

0 responses to “Happy Non-Denominational Holiday Celebration

  1. All the best for your “Non-Denominational” that turned out to be a non-denominational Christian Holiday what with the Christ-like spirit at the end. Thus it doesn’t include everybody who isn’t a Christian.

    I don’t have any particular organized religion but after spending 18 years in Japan I found the process of cleaning up both your house and your relationship with others so your start the new year afresh had more meaning than trying to hang on to some spirit throughout the year. But that’s only according to my way of thinking. All the best in whatever Christmas means to you.