Hell Has Frozen: I Agree with Rep. Andy Biggs!

If there is a polar opposite to everything I believe and advocate, it could be embodied in the shorthand that is Freedom Caucus leader Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, whom I generally refer to as the #BiggsestTraitor for his role in planning and executing the #Jan6 insurrection. For me to agree with anything that comes out of this man’s mouth is … notable.

I was, therefore, deeply shocked to agree with Andy about his agreement with the sentiment that the Congressional Republican Majority has “zero accomplishments” and admission that they have “nothing to go out there and campaign on.” Totally, Andy. And YOU are one of the reasons for that situation.

Biggs isn’t the first House Republican to suggest their party has achieved little to nothing during its time in the majority. In a November speech, for example, Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) said, “I want my Republican colleagues to give me one thing — one — that I can go campaign on and say we did.”


The MAGA faction seems to recognize the fact their radical policy demands are not going to pass and probably won’t help them in the ’24 general election if they did, but they nonetheless pull stunts like appearing at the border and demanding unworkable radical policies be accepted or they will “use the power of the purse” – by which they mean “shut down the government.”

Here is Biggs down on the border threatening to shut down the entire government if HR 2 (link to an excellent summary by the Hill) is not passed by the Senate and signed by Biden:

I will have a more detailed analysis of the absolutely non-starter enforcement on HR2, the support for it by Arizona’s Congressional delegation. and what that support actually means in the near future.

Biggs “leadership” seems to consist mostly of legislative terrorism – demanding radical and unworkable policies and threatening the full faith and credit and basic governmental function of the nation if their unrealistic demands aren’t meant. The result? Nothing gets done. And they blame Biden for the lack of action.

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