Hell Hath No Fury


Posted by Bob Lord

I watched Rachel's show from last night while on the treadmill this morning. She covered our own Senator McRevengeServedSteamingHot's confrontational questioning of Chuck Hagel. The AzBlueMeanie reported on that here, so I needn't repeat the specific coverage.

Rachel is really, really smart. But she blew it here. She portrayed McCain's anger as being the product of Hagel's disagreement with him over the Iraq War. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Hagel's opposition to the war had nothing to do with it. In 2000, Hagel was McCain's campaing co-chair and surrogate. They were the closest of friends. But in 2008, Hagel did not commit to McCain, and cast Obama in a favorable light by accompanying him on tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. He didn't endorse Obama, but he may as well have. That's what drove McCain's anger. This was about an Eye For An Eye. The Iraq War couldn't have been less relevant.

Truth is, women are no more vengeful than men. So we need to modernize the old saying. How about: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Geezer, Flip Flopping, War Mongering, Homophobic, Way Past His Time, Still Angry About 2008, Senator From Arizona Scorned?