Hell Week at the AZ Lege


Now that our lame-duck governor has signed the budget that no one likes, this week will be “Hell Week” at the Arizona legislature as legislators try to ram through all remaining bills by the end of the week so they can sine die.

WatchThemLikeAHawkThe Arizona Republic estimates there are about 80 bills in the House, and about 100 bills in the Senate. What you will need to watch like a hawk in the coming days is the “striker” — the “strike everything amendment” that uses the hollowed-out carcass of a bill as a host for a new bill that typically was not heard in committee and was not subject to notice and public debate. This is frequently done on very short notice.

There will be little time to rally opposition to the bad bills coming up this week. Our Democratic legislators need to make judicious use of their social media networks for action alerts to activists and the media, and you will need to share these action alerts with your social media networks. It is still possible to stop a bad bill, even last minute “strikers,” if the public and media are timely alerted.

You should check the Legislature’s web site http://www.azleg.gov/ for floor calendars frequently (subject to change with little or no public notice), and you can watch streaming video of the floor hearings and votes.

Coming up on Monday (most of the bad bills are in the Senate).

In the House
Third Read Calendar

(Substituted for HB 2489)
SB1183 fire access roads; limitation; sprinklers.

Substituted for HB 2695)
SB1482 homeowners’ associations amendments; omnibus

COW Calendar

SB1039 board of chiropractic examiners; membership
(s/e: chiropractic services; AHCCCS)

SB1108 technical correction; regents; land funds
(Now:  department of agriculture; fees)

SB1282 racing omnibus

SCR1022 rulemaking; electric generating units; opposition

SB1242 critical languages; economic development; pilot

SB1474 used motor vehicle dealer; definition

SCR1016 limiting government week
(s/e: application; article V convention)

In The Senate
COW Calendar

HB 2024 aggressive solicitation; offense

HB 2122 ASRS; election; EORP defined contribution

HB 2141 technical correction; tax refund account
(Now: county assessor; common area consolidation)

HB 2268 scrap metal dealers

HB 2281 leased religious property; class nine

HB 2303 permits or tags; transfer; veterans

HB 2321 procurement code omnibus

HB 2322 national instant criminal background checks

HB 2331 tax credit; just compensation
(Now: life care contracts; in-home care)

HB 2332 unclaimed remains; veterans; burial

HB 2380 tax liens; priority
(s/e: optometrists; pharmaceutical agents)

HB 2385 state agencies; budget submission
(Now: cost accounting; study committee)

HB 2389 technical correction; TPT
(Now: transaction privilege tax changes)

HB 2336 firearms; law enforcement officers

HB 2339 firearms; permit holders; public places

HB 2404 agencies; third‑party electronic service providers

HB 2437 public committees; repeal; sunset

HB 2446 scrap metal sellers; age requirement
(Now: age requirement; scrap metal sellers)
(s/e: continuation; board of barbers)

HB 2477 homeowners’ associations; transfer fees; exemption

HB 2483 firearms; private land; lawful discharge

HB 2517 firearms; state preemption; penalties

HB 2528 municipalities; regulation; sign walkers

HB 2529 cosmetic laser procedures; supervision; dentists

HB 2531 court‑ordered evaluation services; payment

HB 2535 certification of firearm transfers

HB 2537 pawnbrokers; interest; military members

HB 2560 insurance; self‑evaluative privilege

HB 2580 alternative fuel vehicles; registration; inspection

HB 2598 blanket disability insurance; special groups

HB 2603 TANF recipients; drug convictions; notification

HB 2611 rescue operation personnel; limited liability

HB 2615 officeholder expense accounts; surplus monies

HB 2638 CPS information; law enforcement; prosecutors

HB 2639 identity theft; violation; penalties

HB 2645 ADE; education data system; privacy

HB 2667 persons with disabilities

HB 2674 tobacco settlement agreement

HB 2700 federal acquisition; state lands; monitoring

HB 2018 ASRS; in-service distributions
(s/e:  mortgages; trust deeds; deficiency actions)

HB 2265 computer science courses; math credit.

HB 2367 AHCCCS; annual waiver submittals

HB 2509 interstate compact; health care

HB 2541 federal land; emergency access

HB 2549 nursing care institutions; therapeutic drugs

HB 2593 death; post-conviction; appellate proceedings; dismissal

HB 2605 teachers; suicide prevention; continuing education

HB 2665 campaign finance; election; candidate committees

HB 2699 endangered species programs; rescission; reimbursement

HCR 2005 investigational drugs; biological products; devices

In the House (Tuesday)
Third Read Calendar

SB1035 dogs; licensing; vaccinations
(Now: special health care districts; reimbursement)

SB1038 parenting time; child relocation

SB1043 naturopaths; prescription authority; pharmacy board

SB1046 financial transactions; omnibus

SB1048 tax credits; STOs; preapproval; entities

SB1061 paternity.

SB1089 insurance holding companies; enterprise risk

SB1102 school facilities board revisions

SB1124 controlled substances prescription monitoring program

SB1132 mobile homes; relocation expenses

SB1136 acupuncture board of examiners

SB1158 textbook purchase; technical correction
(Now: fireworks; permissible use)

SB1160 registrar of contractors; discipline grounds

SB1164 sanitary district bonds; terms

SB1168 disability placards; nonprofit organizations; limit
(Now: teenage drivers; communication devices prohibited)

SB1180 luxury privilege tax; cider; definition

SB1182 school district overrides; bonds; information

SB1184 planned communities; definition; property easements

SB1201 technical correction; unordered merchandise
(Now: autocycles; class M license; exemption)

SB1213 technical correction; real estate licensing
(Now: real estate advisory board; membership)

SB1217 precinct officers; salaries

SB1222 insurance policies; electronic notices

SB1225 mammography results; report to patient

SB1226 fingerprint clearance cards; human trafficking
(Now: predominant aggressor; domestic violence; arrest)

SB1266 misconduct involving weapons; judicial officers

SB1274 aquifer protection permits; post-closure procedure

SB1284 public safety officers; omnibus

SB1288 school letter classification; science scores

SB1292 Arizona resource advisory council

SB1293 publicity pamphlets; disclosure

SB1305 semipublic swimming pool barrier gates

SB1306 governmental entities; credit card payments

SB1307 fee consultant; indemnity agreement
(Now: residential construction; fall protection)

SB1326 state parks; donations; fund; transportation.

SB1331 fire; building; life safety; continuation
(Now: model city tax code; changes)

SB1339 physicians; prescriptions; required patient examinations

SB1345 board of physician assistants

SB1352 property tax roll; corrections

SB1380 Arizona medical board; licensees; fingerprinting

SB1391 schools; noncertificated employees; fingerprinting
(Now: noncertificated employees; schools; fingerprinting)

SB1478 water protection fund; mesquite; tamarisk

SB1480 transporting district conversion; schools
(Now: special license plates)

SB1481 federal milk ordinance; rulemaking exemption

SB1483 county supervisors; population threshold; membership

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