Help Put Democrats on the Ballot for AZ Corporation Commission

We need Democrats on the ballot at every level of Arizona’s government. We should and must contest for every race, every office, in every district.

One of the lesser-known, but vastly important offices in Arizona government are five commissioners of the Arizona Corporation Commission – the fourth branch of our Arizona government.

Today I’m asking readers to push to ensure that Democrats are on the ballot for this vital office.

I received the following plea from current Commissioner running for reelection Sandra Kennedy:

I’m Sandra Kennedy and I am running for re-election to the Corporation Commission with a unique opportunity: I’m running as a team with Lauren Kuby, Tempe City Council member and sustainability scientist. But I need your help today!

I need to get my Clean Elections funding as soon as possible to pool my funding with hers and start our campaign to get the first Democratic majority on the Corporation Commission in decades. With that majority, we can make Arizona the Solar Capital of the World, lock in lower utility rates, advocate for better consumer protections, and end corruption at the Commission. With a warming planet, we need to take immediate action to end carbon emissions from power utilities.

I am always your consumer advocate and watchdog, so please help return me to the Commission.

Please go to and give me $5. Also, please sign my online nominating petition. If you have already given $5 and signed, please forward this to a friend and help get me re-elected.

Lauren Kuby has already completed her nomination signatures and $5 qualifiers.

ASU engineer/scientist Jonathan Hill is a Democrat who is also running for one of the two Democratic nominations this year. He is also asking that you sign his petition, and consider making a donation to his campaign in the form of either a $5 qualifying donation or a seed money donation.

You can see these wonderful Democrats at their recent appearances at Democrats of Greater Tucson.

Thanks so much for supporting our Democratic candidates!