Former First Lady, New York Senator, Secretary of State, and 2016 Presidential Popular Vote winner (by about three million votes) Hillary Clinton has been making the rounds on the news shows this week after the leaked Justice Alito opinion that, if it holds, would overturn Roe v Wade.

In a very professional and diplomatic way, Mrs. Clinton reminded the viewers on both The PBS News Hour and CBS that she had warned the American People that Roe v Wade was in danger of being overturned if Donald Trump was elected President and allowed to nominate justices to the United State Supreme Court.


In other words, the 2016 Popular Vote Winner was saying in a nice way I told you so. 

In the PBS interview with Judy Woodruff, the former Secretary of State said that if the Alito opinion holds, this would represent a “direct assault on the dignity, rights, and even lives of American Women.”

On reminding viewers about what she warned a Trump Presidency would mean for a woman’s right to choose, in the CBS interview with Norah O’Donnell, Mrs. Clinton said:

“I warned about it in the campaign. I could see that the man I was running against would literally do anything to get the votes of the extreme faction of the Republican Party who were totally willing to upend precedent and deny women their rights.”

On both interviews, the former Secretary of State said that people in 2016 took the complacent  attitude that overturning Roe v Wade “would never happen” and “took for granted that despite opposition to reproductive choice, it (Roe) would not go away.”

In The PBS Newshour interview with Judy Woodruff, the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee relayed that this court, populated by three Trump selections is an “extreme minority” that does not represent the views of the majority of the American People and this may be the first time when people’s rights are taken away.

Mrs. Clinton also warned that more assaults on American rights and Democracy may come, stating that “it is perhaps only the beginning of this court trying to undo so much of the progress of the last 50 years.”

The rights that could be compromised could include the ability:

  • to purchase contraception tools.
  • for members of the LGBTQ community to marry or engage in sexual relations.
  • for biracial couples to marry.

She said all Americans should be energized and worried about what may happen and they should elect people that will “respect the rights and dignity of Americans, women and men alike.”

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The American People that did not turn out and support Hillary Clinton in 2016 because of her emails (which was always a crock,) or because she was not Bernie, or because they did not think Trump would be that bad, can not change the past.

They do have an opportunity to influence the future by following Mrs. Clinton and the other voices of sanity and reason in the country by electing responsible and dedicated public servants that will uphold  citizens rights and approve future judges that can repair the damage these conservative justices may inflict on the country.

Otherwise, after all the rights we took for granted are gone, Mrs. Clinton or someone else will again say: I told you so.