Hillary Clinton looks to expand the electoral map into Arizona


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton expanded her television advertising into Arizona on Friday, stepping up efforts in a state that Republicans have easily carried in recent cycles. Clinton launching TV ads in Arizona:

Arizona will join eight other states that Clinton is targeting with TV ads after the campaign places its buy on Thursday, according to the Clinton official, who requested anonymity to more freely discuss a move that hasn’t been made public.

Arizonans will see an ad that has aired in other states that depicts children watching television as Republican Donald Trump makes a series of inflammatory and off-color statements. The Clinton official said the initial buy would be “six figures” but declined to provide additional details.


The move comes as polls continue to show a close race in Arizona. The Clinton aide said the campaign sees opportunities to make additional inroads in the state in the wake of Trump’s hard-line speech on illegal immigration on Wednesday night.

Last month, the Clinton campaign announced it was expanding field organizing activities in Arizona as well as Georgia, another traditionally red state where recent polls have showed a close contest between Clinton and Trump.

Clinton is currently targeting seven battleground states with television ads: Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In addition, the campaign is airing ads in the Omaha market of Nebraska, one of two states that awards some of its electoral votes based on performance in congressional districts.

Since 1952, only one Democrat has carried the state: Bill Clinton, in his 1996 reelection bid against Republican Bob Dole.

I have received phone calls from two polling firms over this past week doing field polls in Arizona. I would expect to see results announced next week (unless the polls are being done for candidates). Here is the current Real Clear Politics polling data for Arizona.

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