Hillary’s 47% Moment


Anyone paying attention knows those Goldman Sachs speeches Hillary won’t fill us in on contain something she really, really doesn’t want us plebeians to know she said.

Her 47% moment, if you will.

So far, she’s been a bit more fortunate than Mitt was in his 47% moment. In Mitt’s case, you may recall, a member of the food and beverage crew made a recording that just might have cost Mitt the election. By all appearances, nobody made a record of Hillary’s riff on ordinary Americans. Except, of course, Hillary herself.

What could it be that she so badly doesn’t want us to hear? To quote Willy Wonka, “The suspense is terrible; I hope it will last.”

Pure speculation on my part here, but I know what my guess would be.

Let’s start with what we do know:

First, of course, something in those transcripts will offend Democratic primary voters. Big Time. We know the damage would be worse than the damage from the blatant dissembling when confronted with her refusal to release them.

Second, those who have heard the speeches have described them more or less as pander-fests. Here’s the general description one attendee gave to Politico:

It was pretty glowing about us,” one person who watched the event said. “It’s so far from what she sounds like as a candidate now. It was like a rah-rah speech. She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.

Third, we know that at the time of the mortgage meltdown, she publicly cast some blame on homebuyers.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but the dots seem almost to connect themselves. If Hillary’s public words were that homebuyers should have known they were “getting in over their heads,” what words would she use when yukking it up with a bunch of bankers in the hopes they would soon open their checkbooks her presidential campaign? I’m guessing “getting in over their hands” sounded something like this:

The documents said their payment was going up after the first two years? So after that promotion from cashier to CEO didn’t happen and the Powerball jackpot they were counting on didn’t come their way, they couldn’t make the new payment. How could such a thing happen? Nobody told them!!! Did it cross their minds that they brought it on themselves? Of course not.  Those damn bankers never told them the Powerball wasn’t a sure thing.

[Hillary cackles, the crowd laughs and claps]

At that point, every banker in the room knew Hillary was one of them. Their checkbooks opened quite wide, as it turned out.

And the rest of us should know full well she’s not one of us.

Even if we have to guess at her exact words a little.

Even if our guess is way off.

Even if she never tells us what those words really were.


  1. we know what hillary said we don’t need to see no stinking transcript! in 2000 I could vote for corporate democrats or I could vote for ralph nader. I chose to cleanse the democratic party and voted for nader. in 2004 I could vote for kerry who voted for the iraq war or clear the war mongers out(I voted for dean in the primary) I again voted for nader as I did in 1996. in 2008 and again in 2012 I was finally able to vote for a democrat. the first democrat I voted for was george mcgovern. I have never voted for a clinton!

  2. When HRC was called before that fake Benghazi hearing she rocked. She stood her ground and made them look like the idiots they are.

    It was awesome. She scared the right. I cheered.

    Now here we are watching her squirm around in the debate last week and do everything she can to not answer a question and prevent the public from knowing what’s in those speeches.

    It was painful to watch.

    She sounded like an idiot and I know she’s not, the content of those speeches clearly embarrasses her.

    She also went into idiot mode on the minimum wage discussion, her other 47%-ish moment.

  3. I propose a litmus test for progressives.

    Bashing Hillary has become a blood sport. On the other side of the primary curtain, there are those who beat up on Bernie as well. OK, fine. Politics is not bean bag. But when the dust settles in July, one of the two tribes will need a Plan B.

    I propose a single multiple choice test to decide the Plan B. It applies equally to both tribes.

    Version for _______ supporters
    By not voting for _______, I prefer as President:
    (a) Donald Trump
    (b) Ted Cruz
    (c) John Kasich
    (d) Paul Ryan
    (e) Any TeaPublican other than ________.

    We can have fun beating up the other primary candidate, but when that dust settles, I hope we agree that the worst of ours is far, far better than the best of theirs – and vote accordingly.

    • Hillary touts her so called experience and when that is scrutinized, then it’s bashing. No one ever talks about the smears against Bernie, his “tone” when debating the sacred Queen of the Democrats, for example. His tone, for crying out loud. And, of course, that visit to Vatican. Let’s slam him good and hard for that. Hillary bashing, my ass. Telling the truth about Hillary, just reciting the known facts is enough to disqualify her from running a dog fight, IMO, let alone a country.

      Hillary is obsessed with being the president for no apparent reason that benefits anyone other than herself. The Democrats roll out the red carpet and ram her down our throats. INEVITABILITY, y’all it’s gonna have to be Hillary because she is Democratic royalty AND she wants this bad. That is ALL Hillary is about.

      We are already being threatened with that “we better unite or it’s Trump or some other evil person.” I guess it remains to be seen how that will affect voter turnout. I live in a red state that would most likely elect anything that is not a Democrat, so I don’t have to worry about it. But I will say this, REFORMING the Democratic party is what matters regardless of who wins the presidential election. And that means voting MANY incumbent Democrats out of office AND changing the party leadership. Otherwise, it’s GOP-lite or maybe not so light.

      Hillary is a bad candidate. Period. If she were not, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Bernie could not have come from nowhere and done as well as he has.

      Folks need to stop the Hillary or we all die threats. They are useless.

      • “REFORMING the Democratic party is what matters regardless of who wins the presidential election.”

        This. A million times this.

        Out fundraising Hillary with millions of small donations vs. the DNC and HRC’s super PACs, and coming close if not outright beating her for the nomination against a complicit party and corporate media, should be a big wake up call to the corrupt DNC and DWS.

        I saw this get going with Occupy, and people who say that movement died or failed probably weren’t downtown much. We’re just regrouping at halftime.

        We need to start finding the future Bernie’s, especially at the local level. If the demographic shift everyone is expecting is a real thing after the next census, we need to be ready.

        And Bernie has proven it can be done, so his mission is accomplished either way.

    • If the Democratic Party nominates Hillary Clinton, her supporters will own President Trump’s administration.

      They have been adequately forewarned. There is still time to avoid going down that road.

      Mr. Maki, your “litmus test” is fraught with fallacy.

    • Here’s a promise I can make with 100% certainty I will never need to keep.

      If Hillary Wall Street Kissinger releases the transcripts of her speeches to her Wall Street overlords, I’ll vote for her.

      Meantime, Jill Stein 2016!

  4. There’s a reason the campaign slogans are so different. “I’m with Her” vs. “He’s with us” says it all.

  5. I am not blind to Hillary’s downside, but also recognize she has to be one of the most investigated high profile American EVER. And yet…nothing truly sinister has ever been proven. Get over yourself. Compared to the rest of the field (yes, even Bernie to a certain degree), Hillary Clinton is absolutely the most qualified candidate to be president.

    • “Get over yourself” seems to have become the mantra of the Hillary followers. A little downsized from all that “inevitability” but the same basic message, “It’s gonna be Hillary y’all so suck it up.”

    • She’s a reactionary neoliberal. Not only can she NOT hold the status quo, but she will move the country backward.

      Her motto, “No, we can’t,” is by definition reactionary.

      For you and me on Main Street America, she has nothing but loathing (and yes, I return the sentiment). For Hillary, people are only votes to be had. She serves Wall Street and any other corporate special interest that has enough money.

      Cory Doctorow posted an item on boingboing dot net on Friday that includes quotes from Obama’s Audacity of Hope showing how our current president admitted that the big money fundraising compromised his politics.

      Do you really have so little regard for actual humans that you would commit yourself to supporting someone so thoroughly corrupted as Bernie’s primary opponent?

      She’s shameless. She also cannot survive a billion dollar Kochtopus onslaught in the fall of 2016. Politically, that is.

      Bernie has a movement, can and will survive that onslaught.

  6. My mother-in-law was one of those homeowners that got in “over their heads” and lost the house and everything else when the bubble burst. We kept telling her not to get into this mortgage deal – but why should/would she listen to us “non-bankers” when her mortgage broker and bank told her that she’d be able to refinance before her monthly payments tripled?!
    And they told her that she could afford to buy when her only income was a SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK!!

  7. The Clintons, all three of them, Hillary, Bubba, and Chelsea, really should leave the country alone and find something else to do with their time. Haven’t they done enough already? For crying out loud, PASS THE TORCH, GO AWAY. But they are so obsessed with greed, power, and legacy that they can’t see outside their increasingly tiny bubble of incomprehensible privilege.

    The only thing worse than the Clintons are their supporters who choose to be deaf, dumb and blind to their history and their shenanigans past and present. Yes, those Wall Street speeches would provide proof of Hillary’s pandering and who she really is, and she will never allow the transcripts to be released if she can avoid it. But her supporters wouldn’t care, they would make up nonsensical excuses and tell us we must vote for her or risk losing the election to a Republican.

    Hillary, in my opinion, is like some blathering robot with terrible manners who will say anything to get what she wants.

    Hillary and her followers want so desperately to dehumanize Bernie, to show that he is as bad as she is, even worse. But, so far, no luck. And it only makes them more despicable.

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