One month down. Ninety-Five to go. Hopefully, the remaining seven years and eleven months of the Biden/Harris Administration (should all go well) will be as productive, competent, human, and Presidential as the first thirty days.

In the first month of their Administration, the Biden/Harris team has restored decency and honor to the White House and, after four years, steered the ship of state in a forward direction.


Gone are the endless maniacal and lying tweets of Mr. Biden’s predecessor.

Gone is the chaos from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that enveloped the country.

Gone from the White House is the incompetence and criminal behavior that:

  • Brought on half a million deaths from the Coronavirus.
  • Destroyed the nation’s economy.
  • Damaged the United States’ reputation around the world.
  • The attempt to destroy the Republic and American Democracy.

The Biden/Harris Administration has taken steps, mostly through Executive Orders and Legislative Proposals to:

  • Successfully combat the Coronavirus and vaccinate the American People.
  • Rebuild the Economy.
  • Reduce inequality.
  • Reform the immigration system.
  • Positively reengage with the world.
  • Restore Democracy in this country.
  • Restore a government that stresses facts and reality.
  • Use the Executive Branch to advance goals to help the American People, not selfish benefits for themselves.

They have created an Administration whose team (once all are confirmed) is the most diverse in United States History.

That is not to say there have not been errors. No Administration is ever perfect.

They have created confusion on when it is best to reopen schools during this stage of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

They did not immediately fire a White House staffer after it was confirmed he unjustifiably berated a female journalist. That person did resign after he was suspended without pay.

Finally, while Mr. Biden does occasionally stray from strictly adhering to the facts, he is not on pace to tie or go ahead of Donald I lied over 30,000 times while being President Trump.

Fact Checkers will have to spend time examining other public servant’s comments now instead of solely concentrating on the Executive Branch of the United States Government.

Despite these occasional errors, The Biden/Harris team has started governing on a solid foundation.

Hopefully, this will continue as they endeavor to pass their major legislative proposals on COVID relief, infrastructure, clean energy/sustainability, immigration reform, expanding voting rights/access, and other social justice measures.

The country and the American People desperately need it these next 95 months.