Hosannah! Tea-Publican Arizona Lege makes idolatrous gun worship the official state religion


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False IdolsIt's official. The Tea-Publican Arizona legislature is about to make idolatrous gun worship the official state religion in Arizona.  You would think the religious community would be upset about this, as should any sane Arizonan.

On Monday the gun worshipers and fetishists in the Arizona House voted for a resolution (postcard to Congress) adopting a Second Amendment absolutist (absurdist) position opposing any new restrictions on firearms. State lawmakers oppose new weapon restrictions:

Much of Monday's debate over SCR 1015 went to the question of whether a belief in the Second Amendment means a belief that there should be absolutely no restriction on who can have a gun, where they can carry it, whether background checks are appropriate and what type of weapon someone can possess. Rep. Jonathan Larkin, D-Glendale, said he supports the constitutional right to bear arms but said laws must reflect changing times.

The measure, approved on a 33-21 margin, says not only that lawmakers support the right of individuals to keep and bear arms but "reject the consideration of new legislation that would infringe on this constitutionally protected right."

SCR 1015, already approved by the Senate, has no legal force, as Arizona legislators cannot affect what is happening in Congress. And lawmakers themselves remain free to impose state limits on gun possession or sales, though every measure approved by the Legislature for the last few years has actually eased restrictions.

This was a straight party-line vote. How they voted in the Senate (the only Democrat to vote "yes" was Barbara McGuire – LD 8). How they voted in the House (three Democrats "not voting": Lupe Chavira Contreras – LD 19, Sally Ann Gonzales – LD 3, Martin Quezada – LD 29).

Today, the Tea-Publicans will complete their devotion to the lord their god, the gun idol, by passing two additional measures making the gun a sacred object and holy relic that cannot be destroyed. Today at the Capitol:

The Senate will cast a final vote on two bills dealing with gun regulations. House Bill 2326 would prohibit local governments from keeping a list of gun owners. HB 2455 clarifies that local law-enforcement agencies must sell guns they acquire in situations such as gun-buyback programs [even when the gun owner desires that their weapon be destroyed, in violation of their private property rights.]

1:30 p.m. Senate floor, 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix.

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