House Appropriations Committee hearing on Senate Health and Welfare Budget


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

There is an overflow crowd of interested persons wanting to testify today at the Arizona House Appropriations Committee today on the Senate Health and Welfare Budget, SB 1492, which includes Governor Jan Brewer''s Medicaid (AHCCCS) restoration/expansion plan.

As you might expect, the JLBC, AHCCCS, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations, and hospital associations are testifying in favor of the appropriations bill. The Valley Interfaith Council also testifiend in favor of the bill.

Opposing the bill are the Goldwater Institute, Tea Party types and the so-called "Christian" Right anti-abortion extremists who turned out for the CAP "poison pill" amendment.

It does not appear that any minds are being changed. This hearing is going on longer than I have time to follow.

You can watch the committee hearing here. Click to visit ACTV.

UPDATE: SB 1492 FAILED to pass on the same party-line 7-4 vote in committee.

Howard Fischer reports House panel rejects Brewer's plan to expand Medicaid:

With all Republicans opposed, a House panel voted Monday to reject the
proposal by Gov. Jan Brewer to use federal dollars to expand the state's
Medicaid program.

* * *

But Monday's 7-4 vote against SB 1492 by the Appropriations Committee could prove largely meaningless.

least seven Republicans in the 60-member House are expected to support
expansion. That, combined with the backing of 24 Democrats, should
provide enough support to have the issue resurrected when it goes to the
full House, likely later this week.

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