CD3 US House Candidate Yassamin Ansari Plan to Protect Reproductive Rights and Women’s Health Care

On April 16, 2024, House Congressional District Three Candidate and former Phoenix Councilperson and Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari released a plan on how she would champion Reproductive Rights and Women’s Health Care if elected to the House of Representatives.

Ms. Ansari has been a passionate advocate for women’s reproductive freedom, especially since the Arizona Supreme Court issued a four to two ruling sanctioning a 1864 Civil War Era ban on virtually all kinds of abortion.

She has called for voters to remove two of the Supreme Court Justices up for retention this cycle.

Yesterday, she attended the press event spearheaded by House Democrats who condemned Republicans in that chamber from blocking a motion to move forward with a vote to repeal that Civil War era ban.

Calling what was happening at the State Capitol “chaos,” the former Phoenix Vice Mayor applauded Democratic efforts to “protect women and protect abortion providers in our state” and called for people to sign the petition for the Arizona for Abortion Access Initiative, which if successful, would “get abortion enshrined in our State Constitution.”

Among the solutions to protecting women’s reproductive freedom and health care Ms. Ansari has proposed if she is elected to the House of Representatives are:

  • Codifying a Woman’s Right to Abortion by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act.
  • Expand access to reproductive services and gender affirming care.
  • Reduce disparities in Women’s Healthcare Access, Quality, and Outcomes.
  • Enact Medicare for All.
From Yassamin Ansari for Congress Social Media.

Please click here to read the plan in full.

In a statement on reproductive freedom during her closing comments at a candidate debate on PBS, Ms. Ansari said:

“From the U.N. to the Phoenix City Council, I have taken on extremists and delivered real results at every juncture of my career. When the Supreme Court came for our bodily autonomy, I took action at the Phoenix City Council to protect doctors and patients in our city. I have passed actual policy with real world impacts on climate change, job creation, public safety, and housing affordability.”