House Tea-Publican CR now includes limiting access to birth control


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

CryingteabagbabyYou knew these rabid mad dogs foaming at the mouth with insanity could not resist. I am surprised they did not include a national ban on all abortions as well.

Steve Benen writes, The House Republican tantrum that knows no end:

By all appearances, House Republicans are now actively seeking
a government shutdown, specifically aiming for their goal rather than
making any effort to avoid it. Indeed, the unhinged House majority
appears to have gone out of its way to craft a spending bill designed to

The bill approved after midnight would deny health care
benefits to millions of American families for a year, add to the deficit
by repealing a medical-device tax industry lobbyists urged Republicans
to scrap, and in a fascinating twist, make it harder for Americans to
get birth control. As the New
Uterus-stateYork Times
report noted,
"The delay included a provision favored by social conservatives that
would allow employers and health care providers to opt out of mandatory
contraception coverage."

Yes, in the midst of a budget crisis, the House GOP decided it was time to go after birth control again. Wow.

leaders and the White House patiently tried to explain to radicalized
House Republicans that voting for this would all but guarantee a
government shutdown — so House Republicans voted for it en masse.

In fact, take a look at the roll call. Jonathan Bernstein asked
on Friday, "Where are the sane House Republicans?" That question was
answered quite clearly last night: literally every GOP lawmaker in the
chamber voted for their government-shutdown plan. There were zero

This was not, in other words, an isolated tantrum
thrown by an extremist faction of a once-great political party. This was
rather an organized tantrum thrown by the entirety of the House
Republican caucus.

Keep in mind, I use the word "tantrum" largely because Republicans
told me to. Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a close ally of House Speaker John
Boehner (R-Ohio) said in July,
"Shutting down the government to get your way over an unrelated piece
of legislation is the political equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum.
It is just not helpful."

Last night, Cole linked arms with his
fellow conservatives and joined them as they jumped off the cliff
together. Apparently, he discovered his affinity for tantrums over the
last couple of months.

* * *

What happens now is less clear . . . House Republicans continue to fail at completing even the most basic
of tasks.
The public doesn't expect much of Congress anymore, but most
seem to believe lawmakers should be able to keep the government's doors

As things stand, that now appears unlikely.

It is clear that the modern Republican Party has lost any legitimacy as a political party capable of governing. The GOP has becone an anti-government isurgency. Many pundits are now calling the GOP the "suicide caucus" or the "kamikaze caucus" (after the WSJ editorial).

We may be witnessing the death throes of the modern Republican Party, its dead carcass hollowed out by the parasites of its far-right extremist fringe groups, just as the Whig Party imploded in 1852 and gave rise to the nativist and anti-immigrant Know Nothing Party, which eventually was replaced by the Republican Party in 1860. What emerges from this dissolution of the modern Republican Party remains to be seen.

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  1. And yet, despite all this, they’re achieving all of their goals: the destruction of democracy in favor of a corporate oligarchy and the ongoing talibanization of the nation.

    Please tell me how they are losing? I’d love to know!

    Political opinion polls are right now are meaningless. The only opinion poll that counts will be November 2014, and right now, there’s no real indication that the GOP is going to lose that at all. The majority of their caucus are in districts so red, they need only worry about opponents from their right. Right now a Republican vote in this country counts for something like 1.3 Democratic votes. They literally have granted themselves greater political power than us.

    They’re perfectly willing to burn everything down, and they’ve so far shown the will to do it.

    They’re counting on the President and the Senate to blink rather than condemn the nation to further economic ruin, and when they do, the terrorists will have won, and their victory will be hailed far and wide by the lapdog press (‘Both sides do it, President to blame! He didn’t ‘message’ it properly!’) and their own propaganda wings (‘Kenyan Usurper Defeated!’) .

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