3 thoughts on “How Can Trump Be Winning?”

  1. I was surprised, too! But I must confess it was a pleasant surprise. I was certain Hillary was a shoe in for the Presidency, but I didn’t want her there. So even though I didn’t really want Tump, either, I held my nose and went ahead and voted for him.

    When the post-election analysis is done, Pamela, I suspect you will find that large numbers of people voted for Trump because it was a vote AGAINST Hillary.

  2. He sold a dream and blamed the government for destroying it. His message was consistent. People buys his brand. No matter how he behaves, they only see what he represents…. They don’t see his wife as being his third. They don’t see Milana as Slovenian. They don’t see him as being the villain.They don’t see the Trump who behaves badly with women. They see Trump tower and skyscrapers, and there you are…

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