How Reassuring: The Mad King goes Ballistic on a Journalist while “Comforting” the American People

Photo from NBC News

The President of the United States is supposed to be:

  • A role model to the American People.
  • A comforter.
  • Sympathetic to the feelings of others.
  • As honest as possible.
  • Well centered.

Donald Trump has hardly exhibited any of these traits to the American People. When he is on the script, he sometimes passes as a normal leader.


Unfortunately for everyone else in the country, he hardly ever stays glued to the teleprompter or prepared comments on the podium and ad-libs with often disastrous results.

Over the last week to ten days when he has headed press briefings on the Coronavirus, Mr. Trump:

  • Has stoked racist tendencies by calling the Coronavirus the China Virus.
  • Saying both he was surprised and not surprised about the Pandemic.
  • More or less claimed he was doing the Governors of this country a favor by doing their job and getting them medical supplies.
  • Rated his actions on combatting the virus a ten when objective analysis says otherwise.
  • Claimed to not know the division on the National Security Council that oversaw pandemics was disbanded.
  • Has repeatedly “exaggerated” the close to the readiness of medicines that could help cure the Coronavirus.
  • Attacked the press for asking “nasty questions” and misrepresenting his actions as racist.

It was the Mad King’s attitude towards the Press on March 20 that showed how discomforting this President is to the American People.

When NBC Reporter Peter Alexander asked Mr. Trump about what he would say to the American People that were scared (about the Coronavirus,) the Stable Genius went ballistic on the journalist, calling him a “terrible reporter,” said the question was “nasty” and referred to the writers employer as “Concast” (Comcast).

The Youtube link to the exchange and Vice President Mike Pence’s “Presidential” response to virtually the same question is below.

When CNN White House Reporter Kaitlan Collins asked a followup question in defense of her NBC Journalist colleague, the Mad King went berserk again, saying Alexander was “not a good journalist” and “coming together is much harder when we have dishonest journalists.”

This is not the first time the Mad King-2016 Popular Vote Loser-KKK endorsed candidate-Liar in Chief-Individual One-Third President in History to be Impeached has had altercations with the Press.

Just ask CNN’s, Jim Acosta.

Or Yamiche Alcindor of PBS.

Or watch the below YouTube compilation.

It does not send a reassuring signal to the American People to watch their leader act like a maniac on national television during a crisis.

The people need to know their leader is well-grounded and prepared to handle the duties and responsibilities of his or her office.

Donald Trump has repeatedly shown with these manic displays and other actions these last three years that he is not well suited to his present position.

The people can do something about this when they vote in 228 days.

Hopefully, they will.

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