Human Rights First Report: 98 Detainees Died in Detention

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Torture was heinous enough; torture that led to the deaths of prisoners was murder. US interrogators may have killed dozens, human rights researcher and rights group say

United States interrogators killed nearly four dozen detainees during or after their interrogations, according a report published by a human rights researcher based on a Human Rights First report and followup investigations.

In all, 98 detainees have died while in US hands. Thirty-four homicides have been identified, with at least eight detainees — and as many as 12 — having been tortured to death, according to a 2006 Human Rights First report that underwrites the researcher’s posting. The causes of 48 more deaths remain uncertain.

The researcher, John Sifton, worked for five years for Human Rights Watch. In a posting Tuesday, he documents myriad cases of detainees who died at the hands of their US interrogators. Some of the instances he cites are graphic.

* * *

Perhaps the most macabre case occurred in Iraq, which was documented in a Human Rights First report in 2006.

“Nagem Sadoon Hatab… a 52-year-old Iraqi, was killed while in U.S. custody at a holding camp close to Nasiriyah,” the group wrote. “Although a U.S. Army medical examiner found that Hatab had died of strangulation, the evidence that would have been required to secure accountability for his death – Hatab’s body – was rendered unusable in court. Hatab’s internal organs were left exposed on an airport tarmac for hours; in the blistering Baghdad heat, the organs were destroyed; the throat bone that would have supported the Army medical examiner’s findings of strangulation was never found.”

In another graphic instance, a former Iraqi general was beaten by US forces and suffocated to death. The military officer charged in the death was given just 60 days house arrest.

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Death from interrogation is hard to separate from simple detainee death while in US custody. But one particular case stands out that seems to have fallen by the wayside — the murder of CIA “ghost” detainee named Manadel al-Jamadi, who was tortured to death by a CIA team at Abu Ghraib in 2003.

“Pictures of Abu Ghraib guards Charles Graner and Sabrina Harman posing with al-Jamadi’s dead body, the so-called Ice Man, were among the most notorious of the Abu Ghraib photographs published in April 2004,” Sifton notes. “A CIA officer named Mark Swanner and an interpreter led the team that interrogated al-Jamadi. Nine Navy personnel were also implicated. An autopsy conducted by the U.S. military five days after al-Jamadi’s death found that the cause: “blunt force injuries complicated by compromised respiration.”

“Reporting by The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer and NPR’s John McChesney revealed that al-Jamadi was strung up from handcuffs behind his back, a torture tactic sometimes called a ‘Palestinian hanging,’” he adds. “After an investigation, the CIA referred the case to the Department of Justice for possible criminal prosecution of the CIA personnel involved, but no charges were ever brought. Prosecutors accused 10 Navy personnel of the crime; nine were given nonjudicial punishments, such as rank reductions and letters of reprimand, and a 10th was acquitted.”

No more excuses about "moving forward" and "not dwelling on past mistakes." Torture and murder are felony crimes which must be investigated. We are a nation that believes in the rule of law and that justice must be served.

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  1. Death from interrogation is hard to separate from simple detainee death–this statements sums up the whole crappy article–no facts, just opinion–and where are the statistics on what they did to our US soldiers and other allied soldiers?–who gives a shit, right?–you can’t engage in a street fight with your opponent when he makes the rules, and you want to play fair, and he doesn’t–you will die everytime–maybe one of the ”idealists” posting on here will go over and tell the enemy to ”please play fair” and don’t use electic drills on our soldiers they captured, or remove their heads while they are alive–but then, their cowardice of hiding behind a computer would prevent them from doing something that noble, would it not–besides they would be dead and we would be unable to know what happened, huh!–ask Nick Berg

  2. Francine Shacter

    “Torture and murder are felony crimes which must be investigated. We are a nation that believes in the rule of law and that justice must be served.”

    Truer words were never spoken!!!!!

  3. I want Nancy Pelosi to resign immediatly and be subject to Congressional hearings , under Oath as she attended 24 CIA briefings on waterboarding and according to the current CIA director a Clinton Administration Chief of Staff Leon Panetta brought to the attention of anyone in attendance any concerns she had , that she now says she had?

    Jailing Pelosi who’s Husband has made millions off selling the Defense Department everything from bullet proof vests to her saying Tuna packers in the Philippines do NOT have to abide by workers contracts made by Unions in the United States ;although U.S. Companies shows her incompetence!

  4. I support efforts to prosecute all those who have committed crimes in the name of so-called necessary interrogation.

    I hope more than ever that the US government gets the heck out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. No possible benefit is worth more crimes committed as a result of continued overseas occupations.