Humanitarian Aid Giver Gets Hung Jury

Dr. Scott Warren

Scott Warren was acquitted by hung jury (8-4 in favor of NOT GUILTY) today. Bravely, Mr. Warren stepped out of the courtroom and delivered the above taped remarks, making it more likely, if the U.S. Attorney for AZ has any political motivation for bringing these charges to trial, that they will try again with Mr. Warren.

Few prosecutors would retry a case that hung this poorly against the State. There is clearly a deep flaw in your case if 8 of 12 jurors are ready to acquit, and hold out for three days of deliberation. Let’s see how infected with political and ideological motivations the AZ USA office has become under new Trump appointee Michael Bailey. Bailey was deputy to AZ AG Brnovich for several years prior to his appointment. If these charges are refiled, I think we’ll have our answer.