Here’s a shining example of why an elected official reeks of dishonesty and cowardice if he posts comments under a pseudonym.

In a comment to a Craig McDermott post entitled The 2014 Republican Dream Team is assembling…, , John Huppenthal, posing as Thucky, stated:

They also noticed that Hornes independent campaign was his own money. Rottellinis independent campaign was funded by taxpayer dollars laundered through the prosecutors association. What Horne did may have been illegal but it was honest. What Rottellini did was legal but it was absolutely corrupt.


When an elected official makes such a statement about another person, the public has a right to know he’s doing so, and to hold him accountable.

Hopefully, Mr. Huppenthal will be asked at a debate or another public forum if he stands by his description of Rotellini as absolutely corrupt. If he does, let’s hear his reasoning. If he doesn’t, let’s hear his apology.