Huppenthal turned into deer in the headlights by high school student

by David Safier

John Huppenthal, who wants to be our next Ed Supe, clearly has no respect for the youth of Arizona. He figures he can walk into an interview with a high school journalism student and a camera crew — how cute! — and just blow through it, no preparation needed.


This poised and hyper-prepared student takes Hupp to school. It gets so bad, Hupp is reduced to idiotic giggling, squirms in his seat like he needs to take a potty break, then asks to leave for a moment and never returns.

The subject of the interview is the budget cuts to voc ed programs and Hupp's vote to cut their funding. Watch.

Hupp is probably thinking, "This journalism stuff isn't on the state tests. Who knew students did that kind of stuff?"

A word to Hupp from an old teacher. You're not going to be smarter than all your students, so you'd better respect their intelligence and be ready for what they're going to throw at you.

(h/t to Democratic Diva. Let's hope others pick this up so the video goes viral.)

0 responses to “Huppenthal turned into deer in the headlights by high school student

  1. It ain't Mandy

    Everyone, “Mandy” posted the same thing on the New Times story. “Mandy” is actually the slithering slimeball Jason Rose, who is Huppenthal’s hired PR gun. It’s great to see this pretentious prick who pretends he is so slick having to do major damage control for his Russell Pearce-worshipping candidate. They both deserve to be revealed for the bigoted jerks they really are.

  2. Actually Mandy, no claim was made by Channel 12 that the film was ‘doctored.’ There was a short edited version. There is also a long version. THe long version, produced by the student, is quite damaging and makes Huppenthal appear like an idiot. Nice try.

  3. Did you see the 12 News report on this story? Check it out:

    As it turns out, the video making the rounds on-line was doctored by the Democratic Party!!! It’s a dirty trick!

    The Democrats doctored the video to make it appear Huppentahl walked out of the interview and didn’t return. In fact, Huppenthal returned to the interview after going to get additional information for the student reporter.

    Shame on the Democrats and their dirty tricks machine!!!!

  4. Michael Bryan

    Wow. What a complete and utter coward Huppenthal is!

  5. Oh but Mackinac…he was in engineer! He has a handy-dandy parent-satisfaction survey to prove it, the magic bullet that will solve all the problems facing education! He doesn’t need any stinking experience as an actual educator! (Besides, we all know they’re a bunch of commies).

  6. This is going everywhere I can post it. Keith Wagner is an exceptional young man.

  7. By the way, this was just part of a rather thought-out interview. The full clip can be found here:

  8. J. Davidson

    To clarify for the sake of the wonk inside my brain that is screaming at my lack of clarification: the bills needed to go through the appropriations committee because they were budget in nature. The fact that these budget related bills went through the Senate Ed. Committee only was seen as being out of step with the legislative process, though well within the legal fancy of the Senate president. So hope that clarifies why this all stands out, at least in my mind.

  9. J. Davidson

    I’m pretty sure the “committee” this vote took place in was the Senate Ed committee because in 2009 there weren’t enough votes in the Senate Appropriations to get some of these bigger bills moved. So in slick-willy style, Pres. Burns moved the education related bills through the Sen. Ed Committee chaired by none other than Sen. Huppenthal. I’m sure there’s a committee video in the archive that’s worth digging for on the AZ Lege website.

    In the meantime kids, get this video on every social media site you can find. And someone PLEASE get Keith Wagner an Edward R. Murrow sized grant for college. STAT! Jouralism needs him!

  10. This is EXACTLY what Arizona needs.

    If citizens in this state would actually hold their elected officials accountable for the facts, we’d be moving in the right direction.

    Way to go Keith Wagner — a nicely well prepared and respectful interview!

  11. Francine Shacter

    In the words of my dear, departed mother “What people do to themselves even their worst enemies would never do to them!”

  12. A study by the Newspaper Association of America showed that students who worked on high school papers and yearbooks scored better on college admission tests and tended to have higher grades in their first year of college.

    Does anybody elese think you should have been a teacher at one point in your life before you can be State Super?

  13. The Patriot

    I would think it’s very important to have the Democratic nominee keep this video and show it as an ad.

    This is priceless for the stupidity Huppenthal is more than happy to show anyone.