I Pull for Pullen



Woo-Hoo! James 404, Pullen 408. I win! If I weren’t so absurdly pleased by that outcome, I would be concerned that Pullen’s minions jiggered the credentials again to win a tight race. Given that I am pleased by the outcome of the race of AZ GOP Chairman and James isn’t pitching a fit, I couldn’t care less. Pullen is my baby daddy, bitches! I love this man and I don’t care who knows it (except maybe any Republicans, we know how they feel about man love)!

What Pullen’s election means, of course, is that the AZ GOP had decided to commit suicide rather that own up to failure. It means we’ll be having a Democratic majority  in Arizona’s state house in 2010. It means an all Democratic constitutional officer staff in 2010, as well. With Pullen at the helm, the GOP has tied it’s fortunes to the lead blimp of immigration, god, and crazy mumbling. Hallelujah!

James might have empowered what passes as moderates in today’s GOP and kept the party afloat for a few more years. The first half of the program in fine by me, but only once they are safely the minority party in Arizona once again.

Pullen’s victory, razor close though it was, proved my thesis. The GOP is going to continue to getting more and more extreme, even as the public abandons them. Some hypothesized that the GOP will become more centrist in reaction to their recent reverses. But rather than react rationally, I think they will continue to believe that if only they can reach a state of perfect orthodoxy, untrammeled by any touch of reality, they can win elections again. Pullen’s election confirms my view is more correct.

The current leaders of the GOP are true believers, and don’t trust such things as facts. Their compensation for failure is not adjustment, but doing more of the same with greater fervor. It is the prayer model of politics. If only you propitiate the voters by demonstrations of ritual purity and liturgical rigor, you will be rewarded for your efforts – and if you fail, it’s not because you creep people out, it’s because you haven’t demonstrated your convictions with sufficient fervor.

It is of a piece with the tragedy of George W in Iraq. He evidently believes that if he simply demonstrates how committed to losing the war he is by throwing more men in the meat-grinder, God will reward his faith with victory. Pullen’s election is this strategy collectively authored by the base of the Arizona Republican party. While I’m outraged and sickened by the inevitable results in Iraq, I couldn’t be more pleased by the eventual results of this magical thinking in Arizona’s politics.

So, Congratulations Randy! You are the belle of my ball. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to have some fun at your expense. I suspect that you will be giving me ample reasons for delight and mirth over the next two years. Get busy makin’ with the stupid!


  1. 10% of Mexico’s population currently lives in the US. What do you propose we do? Continue the status quo of encouraging all illegals to come, accept 100% of Mexico’s population and have the US citizens immigrate to Mexico when there’s no room here for us? There’s nothing wrong with a nation protecting its borders just as Mexico does it’s southern border.

  2. Like rats off of a sinking ship, key people in the Republican HQ are leaving. according to an article/blog I read last night, there are NO paid staffers left. And they didn’t submit a letter of resignation for 6 months from now to allow for a transition.. they hare GONE….

    Sucks to be Pullen! Ya almost gotta feel sorry for the Republican party…. ALMOST that is!

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