If Elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission, Ylenia Aguilar Will Support Consumers and the Voiceless

The race for who sits on the Arizona Corporation Commission, the public body regarded as this state’s fourth branch of government, is one that should receive just as much attention as races for the President, Governor, Senate, and Congress.

Unfortunately, this race, like those for the State Legislature, various school and water boards, and judgeships, have been continuously overshadowed come election time with voters showing an aversion, especially in recent non-Presidential election years, to mark their ballots when choosing candidates to serve in those positions. 

That is troubling because these offices set policies that most directly affect your daily lives like how much money is going to schools or who will qualify for the state Medicaid Program. 

In the Corporation Commission case, members on that body set utility rates and influence energy policy. 

With the recent MAGA majority on the Commission’s commitment to do away with renewable energy standards, the need to turn out and vote for Commissioners that will take Arizona’s energy policy toward the future is paramount. 

Central Arizona Water Board member Ylenia Aguilar would like to be one of those Commissioners. 

Pledging to serve the consumers and the voiceless in our state that the current Commission majority is ignoring, Ms. Aguilar will work to educate and adopt policies that help the most vulnerable communities impacted by Commission policy. 

That includes promoting an emphasis on clean renewable energy. 

Ms. Aguilar graciously took the time to respond to questions about her candidacy for the Arizona Corporation Commission. 

The questions and her responses are below. 

  1. Please tell the voters at least two reasons why they should vote for you over your opponents in the race for Arizona Corporation Commission. 

“I believe voters should support my candidacy because I am dedicated to prioritizing consumer protection and advocating for robust measures to safeguard consumer rights. Furthermore, my unwavering commitment to renewable energy aligns with the crucial goal of protecting our planet and its valuable resources. I am pursuing this position because I genuinely care about holding corporations accountable and acting in the best interest of consumers. It’s evident that our communities are facing challenges, particularly among Latino populations, which comprise less than 50% of Arizona’s population and are disproportionately affected by current events at the Corporation Commission. Whenever there’s a rate increase or other developments at the Commission, it directly impacts the most vulnerable members of our state, often within Latino communities—communities I come from and deeply understand.”

  1.  Please advise what are at least two to three major issues in the Corporation Commission race this cycle. Please explain. 

“In my view, transparency stands out as a primary concern currently absent within the commission. Some Commissioners are involved in undisclosed agreements and aren’t being held responsible, largely because many voters are unaware of the Commission’s role or its existence. We’ve known that in the past, people haven’t voted in the ACC races. We see that they voted in the Governor and U.S. Senate races but often missed voting for ACC because they are unaware of what it does. There is a lack of education on what this commission does. Another crucial issue I find imperative is the transition to renewable energy sources to combat the disruptions caused by climate change. It’s evident that Arizona has the potential to lead in renewable energy, but we’re not yet fulfilling that potential. There are numerous obstacles hindering our progress, many of which stem from a lack of accountability and transparency among our Republican counterparts. It’s essential that we elect individuals who embody the values we stand for, particularly those who advocate for renewable energy and strive to propel our state in that direction.

The repercussions of our current stance affect Arizonans directly, impacting approximately tens of thousands of jobs and the future trajectory of our state. By neglecting this transition, we jeopardize our state’s future standards and well-being. Ultimately, this issue directly affects our communities, as individuals employed in renewable energy industries stand to lose out on significant opportunities. Hence, it’s imperative that we consider their welfare as well.”

Arizona Corporation Commission Candidate Ylenia Aguilar.
  1. Please describe with your campaign strategy attempt to reach voters in all Arizona’s 15 counties and drive-up voter turnout for your races. 

“I have experience running for positions at the bottoms of the ballot. I’ve served on the school board and been elected to the Water Conservation Board, an entity that many aren’t aware of. Building momentum will require extensive effort. This entails collaborating with all 15 counties in Arizona and leveraging their volunteer networks. It means employing traditional outreach methods like door-to-door canvassing, alongside forming alliances with other candidates and actively participating in events. Additionally, utilizing technology, digital platforms, and social media will be crucial in engaging broader audiences.

“We’re fully aware of the vast territory we need to cover with limited resources. Running a clean campaign means gathering as many petition signatures as Ruben Gallego and Governor’s race with a small budget. Thus, it’s about leveraging existing strategies, collaborating with counties and states. I’m fortunate to travel the state for my day job, allowing me to cultivate relationships and strategically choose partners. Winning these races isn’t a solo endeavor; it requires every individual’s support. This race impacts everyone – from renters relying on utilities to those needing broadband services. Yet, awareness about this race is lacking. Education is crucial; many are unaware of the ACC’s significance. I’m committed to spreading awareness through various platforms, whether at legislative meetings or on social media. Educating voters about the ACC’s role is paramount, as lack of knowledge often leads to abstention from voting. This challenge is compounded in Latino, Black, and Native communities where access to information is limited. Similarly, discussing solar impacts is futile if these communities lack access to solar panels. Therefore, investing in educating these communities is essential.”

“Typically, communities of color aren’t actively involved in discussions about topics like Electric Vehicles (EVs), which often seem like privileged conversations. However, understanding the potential benefits of EVs and solar panels is crucial for improving their lives and reducing utility costs. It’s essential to educate these communities about the impacts of decisions made at the commission, such as potential increases in bills. Yesterday’s action underscores the urgency of this matter. The lack of access to information for communities of color remains a significant issue, particularly regarding broadband availability in tribal and border communities and rural areas. There’s still much progress to be made. 

Does the road to victory depend on receiving a sizable chunk of Independent and McCain Republican Voters?

“This issue transcends political ideologies and party lines, impacting people across the entire state. Whether residing in suburbs or rural areas, everyone feels its effects, with those in rural communities being particularly vulnerable. Sadly, they often lack a platform to voice their concerns, leaving their voices unheard. I firmly believe that Independents and Republicans can play a significant role in achieving victory in this race. It’s crucial that everyone who values their utilities and future prospects lends their support to our campaign. We need sensible candidates and Commissioners committed to prioritizing consumers’ interests and advocating for those without a voice in our state.”

  1. Is there anything not covered in the first three questions that you would like to readers to know about you or your candidacy for the Arizona Corporation Commission?  Please explain.

“I’ve been honored with invaluable trust – first, when you entrusted me with the well-being of your children by electing me to the school board, and later, when you placed your confidence in me to oversee the management of water as your representative on the CAP Board. Now, my aim is to extend that trust to serving in utilities, encompassing not just utilities but also regulating railroad telecommunications and non-municipal water. My commitment remains steadfast to the everyday Arizonan, often the voice left behind. As a formerly undocumented individual who cast my first vote in 2016, I’ve dedicated myself to serving the country that provided me with the tools to succeed and opportunities for my children. I pledge to continue this dedication, recognizing that I may not be an expert in every field but am confident in my ability to learn and work diligently. My focus is on doing what’s right for our state and future generations, whose well-being depends on our actions. I’m deeply passionate about serving Arizonans and safeguarding our planet and climate, committed to protecting every natural resource in Arizona, including water, for the benefit of all. 

Please click the below link if you would like to sign Ms. Aguilar’s petition.


For more information on Ms. Aguilar and her candidacy for the Corporation Commission, please check on the below social media sites. 


To see a video on what the Arizona Corporation Commission, courtesy of Ms. Aguilar’s campaign website, does, please click on the You Tube Link below.

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  1. David,
    Thanks for the information about Ylenia. I have heard about 2 other Dems running for the Corporation Commission.
    I hope the powers that be in the Dem party will jump on this and get the word and lit out about these candidates.
    In my opinion, all Dem candidates who are canvassing door-to-door or phoning voters will carry the lit or mention the ACC candidates. Do you have ideas how this can be enacted?
    Thanks very much you unwavering interest.

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