Immigration reform held hostage by Tea-Publican egotists who want to be president


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Remember this bit of sacriligious pretentiousness from earlier this year?


Things have been on a downhill slide for Senator Marco "Big Gulp" Rubio ever since he lent his name to the Senate "Gang of Eight" immigration reform bill. He was AWOL during the recent Tea-Publican economic terrorist hostage taking of the federal debt ceiling and GOP government shutdown, which allowed Senator Joe McCarthy Ted "Calgary" Cruz to position himself as the latest darlin' of the foaming at the mouth radical Tea Party extremists whom once worshiped Rubio as their "savior."

"Big Gulp" has previously said that he no longer supports his own immigration reform bill, but now he says that he will also not support any conference committee markup of an immigration reform bill, because he needs to pander to the foaming at the mouth radical Tea Party extremists whom he needs for his narcissistic quest for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. Rubio Throws In The Towel On Immigration:

RubiosipsRubio previously had not addressed the issue of conference on the
Senate bill. But the senator's stance against it now is an ominous sign
for reform because anxious pro-reform advocates believe
it is the only feasible way to salvage a sweeping overhaul. There is no
bipartisan consensus on immigration reform without a path to
citizenship for the 11 million people living in the country illegally.
The House Republican majority opposes such a provision. Proponents had hoped
the House would approve smaller, piecemeal bills and move to initiate a
conference committee to reconcile the chambers' differences — the
normal legislative process. Conservatives quickly saw the strategy as a
ploy to enact "amnesty" and moved to close the door on conference.

Now, they have Rubio's support.

* * *

Opposing conference on the Senate bill leaves little, if any, room to
pass reform through a divided Congress as the broad coalitions that
hold together the Senate legislation would splinter if any major
components are excluded. House Republicans have resisted
President Barack Obama's repeated calls for reviving the stalled
effort, and lack an internal consensus on how to proceed on an
incremental basis.

AckbarConant confirmed a report
over the weekend in Breitbart, a conservative website, in which he
telegraphed the senator's concerns with passing piecemeal bills in the
House as a "ruse to trigger a conference" with the Senate
. [This guy sounds like Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars – "It's a trap!"]

should not allow an inability to do everything to keep us from doing
something," Conant told TPM. "At this time, the only approach that has a
realistic chance of success is to focus on those aspects of reform on
which there is consensus through a series of individual bills."

So here's the deal: we have a trifecta of freshman Tea Party darlin's, Marco "Big Gulp" Rubio, Ted "Calgary" Cruz, and the village idiot Aqua Buddha, Rand Paul, each of whom have massive egos and have convinced themselves that they are somehow qualified to be president (they are not). These Tea-Publican egotists are holding comprehensive immigration reform hostage to their own self-aggrandizing narcissism and GOP presidential primary politics to appease the GOP crazy base. This is no way to run a country. We need to jettison the whole lot of these crazy Tea-Publicans.