The Michael Muscato Arizona Congressional District Eight Campaign and probably many voters in that area are not satisfied with Debbie Lesko’s accounting of her past actions with her ex-husband.

Thanks to reporting by journalists like Ronald Hansen of AZ Central, it has been revealed that Ms. Lesko has been known by many names in Arizona and Texas. She has also been accused of tampering with government documents, stiffing vendors from payments they earned, and getting out of debt by filing for bankruptcy protection.


Ms. Lesko said that these actions resulted from her being controlled and manipulated by an abusive ex-husband.

While everyone, including Mr. Muscato, is sympathetic to the plight of victims of domestic abuse, that does not mean there are some lingering questions Ms. Lesko should address.

Laurie Roberts, in a column for AZ Central, pointed out some of these issues. Please click here to read the article. 

Roberts is right. If Lesko is the victim of an abusive ex-husband and a sucker for con-men (please click here to read an earlier column from this writer on that point,) why did she not tell all this to the people?

She would not have lost any support and may have actually gained some who would have sympathized with her situation.

The Muscato Campaign has released an ad, speaking for the voters of CD Eight, asking Lesko to answer the questions:

  • Why did she flee an arrest warrant in Texas for tampering with documents?
  • Why did she file multiple bankruptcies?
  • What is her explanation for misusing campaign funds?
  • Please explain why she felt you had to use aliases in two states.

The ad concludes with calling Ms. Lesko a National Security Risk and ridiculing her past claim to political office by touting her small business experience and now saying she was not responsible for any of the business failures she jointly owned with her ex-husband.

Debbie Lesko has a lot of explaining to do to the voters in CD Eight.

How can they trust her to protect their Social Security and Medicare if she will be a sycophant to con men like her ex-husband and Donald Trump and not be forthright with them?

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