In Defeat, Antenori Gives Up And Becomes A Hippie


By Tom Prezelski

Reblogged from Rum, Romanism and Rebellion

As reported earlier this week in Blog for Arizona,
an effort co-chaired by Frank Antenori to force Arizona’s Medicare
expansion on the ballot seems to be short of signatures and will not be
moving forward. This is the latest in a series of defeats for the former
State Senator and would seem to seal his status as The Most Overrated
Political Figure in Baja Arizona.

As we would expect from his past behavior,
Citizen Antenori has not taken this most recent reverse very well. He
seems to have drifted into a self-reflective funk, the kind that makes
one question his entire life and beliefs. It has driven him to take a
radical step. According to recently filed campaign finance documents, Antenori is now a resident of the City of Tucson.

Yes, you read that right. The World’s Angriest Man has joined a community which he has broadly derided as full of “hippies” and welfare cheats. He must have suffered a great trauma to have drifted to the camp of his most hated enemies.

To Antenori, I say that ours is a very tolerant community, and that
we as Tucsonans welcome you to the Old Pueblo. Feel free to join our
yoga classes and drum circles any time. Make sure that you say hello
next time that you see me at the co-op.

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