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  1. at least the clintons can now spend more time running their foundation now. why are they shutting it down?don’t the wealthy and other countries want to contribute to a foundation that is run by people without power? it wasn’t pay to play was it.

    • I would think this article would make you feel better. If Trump is the end of a movement you despise, then all you have to do is wait for the glorious arrival of the new age.

      A place where machines mean more than human beings…a place where the individual is less important than the collective…a place where the focus is global and individual nations fall by the wayside in the equitable distribution of sustainable resources. The United States will lose it’s “privileged” status and willingly give it’s wealth over to poorer nations to “level the playing field”. A world of reduced expectations and lowered standards of living, all with the goal of egalitarianism.

      A veritable Utopia and it’s beginning is heralded by the administration of Trump.

      • Interesting interpretation but I don’t think that is what the author envisions or what his article is about.

        And what is it that Trump represents that you think is so good for America? If you are all that concerned about “human beings” and “individuals” then you’ve bet on the wrong horse.

  2. Stock market is at $23.7 Trillion. Forecasting 4% economic growth in the years to come. If that happens, it would be up from 1.4% this year.

    Our stock market to gdp ratio is the highest it has ever been in the last 40 years.

    It could all vanish in an instant but for right now, the future looks sunny indeed!

      • Won’t you be disappointed if we do have a healthy growth and the economy does well for the Country? That is what I have always thought about democrats…that they would wish ill on their country in order to feel smug and superior about the failure of a political opponent. Yes, it is small, foolish and short sighted to be that way but I have seen it so many times over the years. It is more than just schadenfreude, it is self destructive. Yet it exists, pruodly, I would say, among democrats.

        • Pleeeeeezzzzze……. just stop. You’re projecting again.

          “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”
          – Mitch McConnell in 2010

          “I would be honored if the drive-by media headlined me all day long: ‘Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails,’”
          – Rush Limbaugh – January 16, 2009.

          ”There were some on my side who did not want to be seen helping the president do something he wanted to get done, just because the president wanted to do it,”
          – Pat Toomey

          “You lie!”
          – Joe Wilson in 2009 (interrupting a speech by Obama, keep that in mind next time you’re eye rolling a protestor at a GOP event).

          I can get more if you need ’em.

          • “Pleeeeeezzzzze……. just stop. You’re projecting again.”

            I believe you that you are an experienced expert in the computer sciences, but you really need to stop practicing psychiatry over the internet. I believe that all of our Psyche 101 professors warned us about thinking we know psychology after taking the course.

            “Joe Wilson in 2009 (interrupting a speech by Obama, keep that in mind next time you’re eye rolling a protestor at a GOP event).”

            Yes, that was rude of Mr. Wilson and a bit embarassing because it so crass. Of course, having 68 democrats boycott the inauguration is rude, too. But I expect childish antics and tantrums from democrats so I was not surprised. By the way, is it okay if I roll my eyes at the protestors in Washington, DC, this morning that physically attacked police, destroyed a Starbucks, smashed in a Bank and burned everything in sight?

            I never said we didn’t have Republicans who were as stupid as democrats – we still do. But when we protest something (a rarity in itself) we don’t burn things, ransack businesses, attack the police, ad naseum, or otherwise behave like spoiled brats. It is a rarity when liberals/democrats protest something that they don’t cause mayhem and damage.

          • I need to stop practicing psychiatry over the internet? I do? Me?

            Go read your other comments on this every post, where you look into the hearts and minds of us liberals and tell us how we think and feel, how we’ll never admit this or that.

            You’re still projecting. 🙂

            As far as some bad eggs protesting, yep, but to say you don’t own any bad actors is funny, given that far right folks have been known to blow up federal buildings in Oklahoma, taking out hundreds of people including a whole day care center full of kids.

            Or walking into churches to murder doctors, or to kill some black folk, and there are for sure no Patriots in camo running around the woods with their AK’s and Bibles and Pocket Constitutions planning to overthrow the government, right?

            Those Tea Party folks who chased some MoveOn members out of a public park where they were having a picnic, and then followed them to their homes weren’t intimidating at all.

            And that Tea Party dude who took that peaceful protestors sign away from here and then literally put his boot on her head, he was just misunderstood.

            The old dude at the Trump rally who took the sucker punch at the black guy?

            Or Trump hisself offering to pay the legal fees for anyone who’d bust some protestors heads.

            The folks at the Bundy Ranch who pointed their weapons at US government employees were just joshing!

            The idiots who ruined their lives because of some poor US Constitution reading skills and took over the Wildlife Refuge in Oregon were just overly enthusiastic campers!

            Or how about the thousands, literally thousands of mostly white teens and 20-somethings who rioted when JoePa was fired from Penn State?

            The were protesting what again? Something about pedophiles and their enablers getting a raw deal?

            Here’s an anecdote. I still recall a bad call in the 49er’s vs. Redskins NFC championship game from 1984, Eric Wright was no where near that football, but I can’t recall too many times when the bad calls went my teams way.

            So to play psychiatrist, here’s the deal, we tend to overlook the bad things our teams do, and amplify the bad things the other team does.

            Conservatives are plenty violent around the fringe, too.

  3. I was aondering if I would see the old H.L. Mencken quote sometime today, and sure enough, there it is. It is a perrenial favorite for desperate democrats that, like spoiled children, can’t quite deal with the loss.

    I saw this same quote when Nixon was elected, and again when Reagan was elected, yet again when George W. was elected, and I just knew it was going to be dragged out once more for this election. Of course, it has worn out it’s punch by now, but I guess that, again like spoiled children, name calling somehow makes democrats feel better. No, not just better…”superior” because that is how democrats always want to feel.

    This is a day of great jubilation and celebration because another Clinton is NOT being sworn in to drag all the corruption, criminality, and disgusting behavior back into the White House. This is a great day for America.

    • Luckily we have only angels, Saints, truth tellers in the Trump administration. And we can certainly debate for weeks the never ending hatred and literal industry of investigating the Clintons. But if the Clintons deceived and lied to the extent Trump has done and will do, luckily you can be assured, investigations will be rare.

      • Trump’s had more scandals in the last two weeks than Obama did in eight years.

        The Reagan administration was, by felony convictions, the most corrupt in history, and I predict Team Trump will make St. Ronnie’s gang look like pikers!

        Where is good ole’ Ed Meese these days, anyway?

        Oh, there he is, he’s on Trump’s transition team!

        • “Trump’s had more scandals in the last two weeks than Obama did in eight years.”

          Really? It’s only been two weeks so they should be fresh in your mind. Why don’t don’t you tell us about them?

          “The Reagan administration was, by felony convictions, the most corrupt in history…”

          That is an incorrect interpretation of that nugget of history (Assuming that is the truth). It really only shows that Reagan made his people live by the law, and they were held accoutable for their misdeeds. democrats, on the other hand, are good at covering things up and will perpetuate a lie as far as they need to in order to protect their cronies.

          “…I predict Team Trump will make St. Ronnie’s gang look like pikers!”

          What other opinion would you have? It is also called “wishful thinking”.

          Let’s be honest…even if Trump is one of the most successful Presidents of all time, you will be blind to it. You can’t allow yourself to see anything good about him and you won’t be able to do so. I know that is the case because you believe Reagan was not a good President in spite of all the evidence, books, opinions, histories, et. al., to the contrary. Fortunately, history is bigger than both of us and history is getting kinder and kinder to him all the time.

          • Who held Reagan responsible for his misdeeds?

            “A few months ago I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that’s true; but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not.”

            – The Teflon President, aka St. Ronnie

            The dude committed treason. But good try putting some english on the old history queue ball, there, sport.

            Here’s a pretty good cheat sheet on Trump scandals, if a bit dated now in light of the whole Russia has the best hussies thing…


            And coming soon…..
            Trump Rubber Fitted Sheets! A new take on Trickle Down economics!

            And you have no idea what’s in my heart or how I think, and that wasn’t an “opinion”, sport, that was a prediction.

            Come on, bet me!

            And since when are you on the Trump Train?

          • “Who held Reagan responsible for his misdeeds?”

            The quote you selected is completely out of context. He was referring to the fact that he had given permission to some subordinates to negotiate. He did not give them permission to trade arms for hostages, nor was he aware that they had done so, but they aparently did just that. Reagan was a man to accept responsibility and he felt, because they worked for him, that he was responsible for what they had done. Not responsible in the legal sense, but responsible in the moral sense. That was obvious not only from the quote itself, but from the discussions later on.

            “Here’s a pretty good cheat sheet on Trump scandals, if a bit dated now in light of the whole Russia has the best hussies thing…

            Yeah, I thought as much. You said “two weeks” and then trot out all the rumor, innuendo, activities, financial dealings, etc., from the last 40 years and call it “proof”. You accept the flimsiest of rumors, exaggerate common business practices, draw out innuendo, and pretty much accept anything and call it evidence of Trump’s malfeasance. You are like a guy with one drum beating the hell out of it. It may not be much of a drum, but it’s good enough for you. I predict you are going to have a lot of fun during Trump’s 8 years in office.

            “And you have no idea what’s in my heart or how I think, and that wasn’t an “opinion”, sport, that was a prediction.”

            I hate to tell you this, but I wouldn’t be so sure about that. You pour a lot of yourself out on these pages and often leave threads of information that speaks volumes about you. Your use of the language, the way you write, your emotional shifts…these all tell us a lot about you. And you call it a “prediction”, I call it an “opinion”.

            “Come on, bet me!

            Ooh! A man of action! I’m impressed! Sort of like I was impressed that time you called me out to meet at a Circle K and settle the issue like men. I’ll pass on betting you! Seriously…bet me!!

            “And since when are you on the Trump Train?”

            I’m not. But, just as I was with Obama (another President I was hopeful for, but had doubts about, when he started), I think we should give Trump a chance and see what he can do. After all, Trump is our President and – because I respect the office – I want to support him. Also, Trump isn’t Hillary. That alone is cause for celebration.

            And for the record, I like you in a weird way. You speak your mind, you are smart, you write well, and I often get a good laugh from what you write. I honestly believe you and I could share a beer and have a decent time. Don’t let that go to your head! ;o)

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