Inequality, USA


Posted by Bob Lord

Want a glimpse of our unequal future in America?

Check out The Most Unequal Place in America, by John Sutter of CNN. Sutter writes about Lake Providence, Louisiana. Things are more unequal in Lake Providence than they are in any country in the world. But wait, America could get reach that level, considering that America is the only country that tops both the list of countries with high existing inequality and the list of countries where inequality is increasing at a rapid clip.

On the North side of Lake Providence, things are good. Really good. Incomes exceed half a million. The private high school graduates one hundred percent of its students. And the Department of Agriculture is there with a helping hand (i.e., subsidies) for all the farmers on the North side. 

On the South side, not so much. The public high school graduates fewer than 75% of its students. Sixteen percent of the residents are unemployed. Annual income for the bottom fifth of the population is $6,800. And food stamp benefits are about to be cut. 

Sutter's piece contains some eye-popping charts and graphs about inequality in America. His piece is lengthy, but well worth the read. Or, if you prefer, there's a video version.