By Craig McDermott

While working on this week’s legislative schedule post, I came across a bill that is being heard in committee on Monday (Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources, 2 p.m., HHR1) where I don’t have a clear understanding of the impact of the bill’s provisions.


Among other things, HB2325 would adjust the formula for determining the amount of lead allowed in pipes that carry drinking water.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Frank Pratt and co-sponsored by Reps. TJ Shope and Rusty Bowers (Rs one and all, and none known as a strong advocate for “good government”…though they may express a different opinion on the topic :) ).

What I don’t understand is the true impact of the change to the formula, and with the ongoing water quality disaster in Flint, Michigan (and the mass lead poisoning of the children and other residents there), this is something that merits close examination by people who have more knowledge in this area.

I’ve tried reaching out to people I know who might have expertise in this area (or, at least, might know people who do), but it is Saturday.

In other words, any volunteers?