Introducing Nabilah Islam, a Progressive Worth Supporting with a Real Shot in GA-07


This post is outside of Arizona’s politics, of course, but I know that many of you will be interested in Nabilah Islam’s campaign.

I’ll admit upfront: I am biased in this race. In every race, actually. I want more women and people of diverse backgrounds in Congress, and political offices in general. It’s time that Congress better reflected America’s own demography. Part of that is electing more women, and more diverse candidates. I still look closely at qualifications, experience, temperament, charisma, and positions, but I’ll admit, all those things being equal, I’m choosing to diversify the Democratic Party’s officeholders. Every time.

Nabilah is a Progressive Democrat fighting to take back a Georgia swing district where the GOP incumbent is retiring and the Democrat lost last time by only a few hundred votes. Ilhan Omar and other new progressive Members have endorsed Nabilah.

We need more dynamic, diverse, and powerful voices for change in Congress, like Nabilah.

If you see the same potential in this candidate as I do, visit her website, financially support her candidacy, and follow her on social media.

Please note, the Democratic Primary in GA-07 is contested and there is a WEALTH of great candidates, among those leading are Nabilah Islam, Dr. Carolyn BourdeauxBrenda Lopez Romero, and Zahra Karinshak. These are all wonderful and worthy, strong and progressive women candidates. You might find you prefer one of them. And that’s great! Any of these candidates would do GA-07 proud.

We’ve got to change American politics the old fashioned way: one district at a time. GA-07 is ready for change; help Nabilah (or Carolyn, or Brenda, or Zahra) in her fight however you can.

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