Investigative journalism: Republican AG candidate Mark Brnovich and his ties to private prison corporation CCA


By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

While the current Arizona Attorney General, Republican Tom Horne, has
proven to be such an embarrassment to the "powers that be" in the AZGOP
have allowed at least one of their water carriers to mount a primary
challenge to him.

Mark Brnovich, director of Arizona's
Department of Gaming and a long-time Republican apparatchik, has
announced that he is running for the office.

To the
best of my knowledge, he didn't give his girlfriends taxpayer-funded
jobs, commit hit-and-run accidents, violate campaign finance laws, or
has been permanently banned from securities trading by the SEC.

he does seem to have a very questionable association in his closet, one
that a state's top law enforcement officer wannabe is going to have
trouble explaining away.

From an in-depth article published by the Center for Media and Democracy's PR Watch, written by Beau Hodai –

A former Corrections Corporation of America “senior director of
business development” and lobbyist is planning to run for the office of
Arizona's top law enforcement officer, Attorney General.

On September 3, Arizona Department of Gaming Director Mark Brnovich
sent a letter to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, declaring his intention to
resign his post, effective September 20. Although Brnovich has yet to
file any formal campaign/committee registration documents with the
Office of the Arizona Secretary of State Division of Elections, the
Capitol Times reported on September 4, that Brnovich had reserved the
website address, "," on August 23.


According to statements of financial disclosure filed with the Office
of the Arizona Secretary of State Division of Elections by Brnovich’s
wife, former Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner and current
Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Susan Brnovich, Mark Brnovich
served as a “senior director of business development” for CCA during the
course of 2005, 2006 and 2007. CCA was not Brnovich's sole source of
employment during at least part of this time. He also worked as a
federal prosecutor while working for or on behalf of CCA during part of
this time, according to the financial disclosure forms of his wife.

Statements of financial disclosure filed by Susan Brnovich, per her
employment with the courts, are only available with the Office of the
Arizona Secretary of State Division of Elections dating back to 2005.
There are no publicly-available records of Mark Brnovich's financial
interests or employment prior to this point.


Biographical data submitted to the Arizona Legislature pursuant to
Mark Brnovich's March 31, 2009, appointment as the director of the
Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) states that Mark Brnovich began his
employment with CCA in 2005. Similarly, lobbyist records maintained by
the Office of the Utah Lieutenant Governor show that Mark Brnovich was a
registered lobbyist for CCA in that state during 2005 and 2006. (Utah
lobby reports filed for Brnovich during 2006 and 2007 pertain to
Brnovich lobby activity on behalf of CCA during 2005 and 2006).

The entire article is well-researched, well-sourced, well written and well worth a read.

Especially as the 2014 election season ramps up…

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  1. Maybe someone should be asking his wife Susan Brnovich, why she ignores the possible sexual abuse of a minor when the evidence is presented to her. And can’t maintain order in her court, allowing an attorney to present verifiable false information and refuses to acknowledge the deception.

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