Is Arizona about to make idolatrous gun worship the state religion?


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We have been over this before:

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images. . . Thou shalt
not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a
jealous God
. . .

False Idols

Those who have made religious idols of guns and treat them as if they
are holy relics ought to reread the first two Commandments. And then
there are those who have a psycho-sexual fetish for guns. That is
disturbing on many levels.

Arizona Daily Star editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen responded to
the gun idolatry and fetish crowd who insist that no gun may ever be
destroyed in an op-ed, Gun owners have the right to destroy weapon if they choose.

Now the "happiness is a warm gun" worshipers/fetishists are at the state capitol seeking to prevent the right of individuals to destroy their own firearms if they choose. They seek to make the secular sacred by force of state law. In doing so they seek to use the power of "Big Brother" government to trample the rights of individuals to do with their private property as they see fit, which these groups comically pretend to defend. And they violate the establishment clause of the First Amendment by making the foundation of their idolatrous religion a sacred religious icon or holy relic that cannot be destroyed, by force of state law. Their idolatrous gun worship is elevated to a state religion.

These people are truly insane. Group seeks to ban destruction of guns that owners turn in:

The Arizona Citizens Defense League requested a change in the law
adding guns "surrendered" willfully by the owner to the list of firearms
police departments must recirculate back into the market.

The law
now requires police departments to sell confiscated or found guns to a
licensed dealer, once they ensure the firearms weren't stolen or needed
for evidence.

Defense league Communications Director Charles
said it is important to clarify the law so cities can't
circumvent it, as he believes TPD did in early January, when it
destroyed more than 200 guns collected during the buyback.

already in the law. The problem is they're misconstruing the law. So
we're changing the words so their perfidy is made very clear," Heller

Heller said if another "buy-up" occurs, the new language would make it clear the weapons must be sold to a licensed dealer.

that does is, it takes them out of the hands of a person who doesn't
want it, and puts it in the legitimate hands of someone who does,"
Heller said.

Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik captures perfectly the insane inconsistency among people who would normally champion property rights.

bill clearly illustrates that some people don't view guns like
toasters. When it comes to guns, it's as though they hold some magical
or sacred designation in their lives," Kozachik said. "They go around
proclaiming to be for private property, but civil liberties are out the
window when it comes to guns. I guess the message is, we can't do what
we want with our property in this state if that property is a firearm."

Unfortunately, the insanity has reached epidemic proportions.

"Since we firmly believe that the cities have no business regulating
firearms in any way, the NRA and the ASRPA (Arizona State Rifle and
Pistol Association) both support the bill
," Todd Rathner, lobbyist for
the state organization and a national board member of the National Rifle
Association, wrote in an email. "And we believe that this is a good
first step toward stopping cities in Arizona from destroying perfectly
good firearms."

17 state representatives have lined up to sponsor the bill. No, really.

You would think the state's religious leaders from all denominations and faiths would rise up in opposition to this bill before the state of Arizona gives sacred status to the false idol of guns and establishes idolatrous gun worship as the state religion.

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