Is Laura Pastor Up To Old Tricks?


Posted by Bob Lord

[Disclaimer: I've endorsed David Lujan in the District 4 Phoenix City Council Race]

Looks like the Laura
Pastor campaign may be up to old tricks.  Pastor filed for a run for Phoenix
City Council in District 4 last Friday, and already I've been told she is using connections, including her father, to pressure unpaid
volunteers who support her opponents to back off.  A volunteer for the Lujan campaign informed me that his/her boss
received a call from Laura wanting to know why someone that works for them is publicly supporting her opponent in her race. Turns out the volunteer got a sit
down from the boss, letting it be known that while a person has a constitutional right
to support any candidate, he/she needs to tread lightly since her dad is a
sitting Congressman and may try to settle the score.  (The volunteer’s
name has been withheld for fear of repercussions.) 

“I was shocked that any
person who chooses to volunteer in any campaign would face a threat of losing
their job.  We have laws that protect volunteers from these sorts of
things.  Apparently Laura can’t win if she just sticks to the issues, so
she’s trying to throw her dad’s name around to let people know there’s a price
to pay if they support someone else.  We won’t be threatened by these
dirty campaign tactics.  They have no place in this campaign, in any
campaign in fact,” said Tyler Aldrich, campaign manager for Lujan, “Apparently
we play by a different set of rules than our opponent.  While Laura wants
to focus on clearing the field rather than talking to voters, David is going to
win this campaign the old fashioned way – by talking to voters about the issues
that matter most in his district.”

This appears not to be the first time Laura Pastor has used this campaign tactic. 
During her previous unsuccessful run for council, she allegedly threatened the outside job of one staffer of her opponent, Michael Nowakowski in 2007.  Nowakowski beat
Pastor in a surprising upset 56% to 44% of the vote.  

Political dynasties tend to give rise to feelings of entitlement, especially in the junior members of the dynasty. But we should vote for those junior members only on their own merit, no matter how comfortable their names make us feel.  


  1. I find this post incredibly slanderous and disgusting. I have known the Pastor family all of my life and I had the pleasure and honor of working for Congressman Pastor for many years. Laura Pastor is my very dear friend. She is loyal, ethical, and straight forward. It is so refreshing in this political world for people to be true to their word and authentic. Laura Pastor is proudly Ed Pastor’s daughter but I honestly believe that Laura’s father being congressman has hindered her more than helped her. I know firsthand that it is difficult to always have to watch everything you say and do scrutinized because your father’s public elected life. The fact that Laura grew up in a political family is an asset because she knows how to use her networks to collaborate and move public policy. She is very courageous and I applaud her for putting herself out there to serve in the public arena.

  2. “But City Council candidate David Lujan said that as the nation’s sixth largest city, Phoenix should take “leadership in adopting initiatives that make our city an attractive place to live, work and visit.”

    If at first you don’t succeed in gutter politics, try and fail again.

  3. This kind of dirty politics only backfires… The LGBT community will now unite around Lujan and sweep him to victory.