Is Sen. John McCain for or against the extremist group ALIPAC?

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David Safier posted about this disturbing connection the other day. Jesse Kelly and neo-Nazis?

Now the Arizona Democratic Party is raising questions in this press release:

McCain's new slogan: 'Party First'

THEN: McCain demands Hayworth 'immediately disavow' support of extremist group
NOW: McCain ignores Jesse Kelly's ties to the same group, hands him cash instead

TUCSON – So, is Sen. John McCain for or against the extremist group ALIPAC?  Apparently, the answer is, “It depends.”

When McCain campaigned against J.D. Hayworth in the GOP primary, McCain spokesman Brian Rogers demanded that Hayworth “immediately disavow this group's support." The McCain campaign criticized Hayworth’s acceptance of ALIPAC’s endorsement as a “flirtation with extreme groups that condone racism.” [Phoenix New Times, 2/24/10].

But now that McCain is campaigning for CD8 Republican Jesse Kelly, who has been endorsed by ALIPAC, there’s not a peep of criticism.

And while McCain keeps quiet about ALIPAC, he’s making a lot of noise on behalf of Kelly. Not only is McCain now starring in TV ads for Kelly, he’s even bankrolling attack ads against Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. [Arizona Daily Star, 10/19/10]

“I guess McCain's opposition to ALIPAC was a political stunt — not a moral stand,” said Luis Heredia, Arizona Democratic Party executive director. “For a guy who claims to put 'country first,' it looks like Senator McCain needs a lesson in why political courage matters."


According to the Anti-Defamation League, the backers of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration) include the neo-Nazi Stormfront, Vinlanders Social Club, European Americans United and David Duke [ADL web site]. In Kelly’s questionnaire seeking ALIPAC’s endorsement, he signed a pledge to use “the full power of my office, including impeachment if necessary” to force the president to bow to the group’s radical demands. [Jesse Kelly ALIPAC questionnaire]


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