Is this for real?

by David Safier

Someone sent me this photo of John Huppenthal. It shows him wearing a March4Schools button as he works the crowd at the rally in Phoenix protesting cuts to education.

A March4Schools button? I imagine that means he supports the goals of the rally.

Show us your votes, John. Show us your votes.

[Note: I can't vouch for the accuracy of the photo, since PhotoShop can do wonders these days, but if it's a fake, someone did a pretty good job.]

UPDATE: The person who took this photo, who is completely trustworthy, assured me it's for real — Huppenthal, March 4, wearing the button of a group that came to protest the cuts he voted for.

2 responses to “Is this for real?

  1. I was at the rally and I can second that he was walking around with the yellow sticker. No one was talking to him. I would have liked to call him out from the stage and see the crowd go wild.

  2. I was at the rally and can verify it was real too. I remember walking by him and thinking “He’s working the crowd to make it seem like that he supports public education without actually, you know, *voting* to support education. What a putz.”

    Huppenthal *had* to make a show appearance – he’s running for Superintendent next year; the other rumored Repub candidate is Rep. Rich Crandall (LD19).

    If either of them wins the general, public ed will go from Tom Horne’s frying pan to their fire, I think.