Is this the best we can expect in Arizona?



Kate Brophy McGee

Kate Brophy McGee is a Republican legislator who caucuses with, and votes with, her party the majority of the time. I’m not going to throw shade on the AZ Children’s Action Alliance for awarding her. They do what they gotta do and if Brophy McGee voted for the things the CAA considers immediately important, then who am I to judge?

It’s just sad, is all. The Children’s Action Alliance is awarding a legislator for being barely decent. Is this the best we can expect in Arizona?


  1. Yes, this is the best we can expect here with one party rule. Many of us don’t like it, but Stockholm Syndrome is real. She gets a 0 rating from Planned Parenthood, for voting to limit a person’s abortion coverage through private insurance, and she voted for Plastic bags for AZ. She also voted to allow concealed carry in public buildings.

    But I guess when you compare her to Sylvia Allen, she’s a damn liberal.

  2. Gotta remember this is the Legislature and gov who didn’t “raise our taxes”, as anyone who got their Pima County tax bill today can attest.

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