Israel exposes anti-abortion zealot hypocrisy


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So how do Christian Zionists square their support for Israel with their no exceptions anti-abortion stance?

After all, these same zealots seek to defund Planned Parenthood on the theory that any financial support to Planned Parenthood "indirectly" funds abortions. This is the same convoluted argument they make against the contraception coverage mandate in "ObamaCare" for which they seek a "conscience clause" exception for religious objectors — including corporations and businesses.

Israel has adopted one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world, and will now provide government funding for non-medical abortions for Israeli women aged 20 to 33. So where is the hue and cry to defund Israel for its liberal abortion policies? Buzzfeed reports, Anti-Abortion Republicans Are Largely Quiet As Israel Adopts Liberal Abortion Law:

Washington’s most anti-abortion lawmakers are largely silent on the new policy. These same members of Congress are also some of Israel’s loudest defenders, highlighting a peculiar aspect of the relationship between many of Israel’s ardent U.S. supporters and Israel’s domestic political landscape.

Last month, a health ministry panel in Israel recommended the state pay for the abortions of women aged 20 to 33, including non-medical abortions. The measure was adopted this week, and will cost the state annually about $4.6 million. Unlike in the United States, abortion is relatively non-controversial in the country.

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“I don’t really feel qualified to talk about what Israel should be doing on abortion,” said Sen. John McCain.

The office of Majority Leader Eric Cantor did not respond to a request for comment. And Rep. Chris Smith, who heads up the congressional anti-abortion caucus and has called Israel America’s “closest ally,” did not respond to several requests for comment to his office.

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Rep. Trent Franks, who chairs the Israel Allies Caucus in the House, was one of the few members BuzzFeed spoke with who was aware of Israel’s abortion policies. Franks is also one of the most outspoken anti-abortion politicians in Congress.

“The truth is it’s something that breaks my heart, that a country that I love as much as I do would take such a position,” Franks said. “It’s one of the greatest heartbreaks to me about Israel is their position on protecting innocent life. In the final analysis, it weakens Israel profoundly as a nation and weakens us as a human family when we don’t have the clarity and commitment to protect the most innocent among us.”

“This comes from someone who loves Israel with all of his heart and they know that
I’ve chaired the Israel allies caucus here for years and let me just say to you no one loves Israel more than I do,” he added. “But I hold the position that the same thing that makes me care about other countries — it’s the people and if we exclude certain members among us, isn’t that really the genesis of most of the wars among us?”

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The United States sends about $3 billion per year in military aid to Israel, but neither Franks nor [Steve] King was worried that that any of that money was fungible. A long-standing amendment explicitly prevents any U.S. aid from paying for abortion services.

Christian and anti-abortion groups in the U.S are opposed to Israel’s new law, but their response has been fairly muted. Several groups did send statements in response to a request for comment from BuzzFeed . . . [including The Family Research Council and Americans United for Life.]

So how do Christian Zionists square their support for Israel with their no exceptions anti-abortion stance? Hypocrisy — look the other way.

UPDATE: A group of RNC members is introducing a "Resolution on Republican Pro-Life Strategy." In essence, it says the Republican Party should encourage candidates to talk more, not less or more sensitively, about their extreme anti-abortion positions:

"The Republican National Committee urges all Republican pro-life candidates, consultants, and other national Republican Political Action Committees to reject a strategy of silence on the abortion issue when candidates are attacked with 'war on women' rhetoric," the resolution reads.

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Hmmm, it must come with a caveat not to mention Israel and its liberal abortion policies.