Obama just scored three more convincing victories over Clinton in the Potomac Primaries, picking up solid majorities in Virginia and Maryland, and a wipe-out in DC. His scorecard now has eight straight unequivocal wins since the split decision on Tsunami Tuesday. It’s becoming ever more clear who has the momentum in this race.

There is really very little difference between the proposed policies of Obama and Clinton, at least in contrast to the vast gulf between either of them and the GOP nominee. Thus this primary is really focusing on many of the meta-themes of Democratic politics. Chief among these are the political tactics and history of the Clintons, the comparative electability of each candidate, identity politics, and message the election each candidate sends to the rest of the world.

I think the following video by Lawrence Lessig, done in his signature presentational style, is a very solid summary of many of these meta-themes and argues very persuasively for choosing Barack Obama. Of course, I don’t need to be convinced so my view of its effectiveness is really beside the point. I’m not the target audience. I know that many who read this blog do support Hillary Clinton. I would like to know what your reactions to Professor Lessig’s argument.